Hippie Hanks Socks Project



  • 'Crucci' Hippie Hanks 2 x 100g hanks.

Note - Quantities are approximate and may vary between knitters.

  • 1 pair 12mm knitting needles, or size required for correct tension
  • A stitch marker
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure


To Fit Foot Length (approx) cm: 22, 24, 26


8 sts x 12 rows to 10cm over stocking st, using 12mm needles.


SOCKS (both alike, beg at top)

Using 12mm needles, cast on 20 (20-21) sts.

Beg Top Band -

1st row(RS) - * K1, P1, rep from * 9 times, K0 (0-1).

2nd row- P0 (0-1), * K1, P1, rep from * to end.

Rep last 2 rows once ... 4 rows rib in all.

Next row(RS) - K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, K2tog ... 18 (18-19) sts.

Work in stocking st beg with a purl row, until work measures 12 (12-14) cm from beg, ending with a purl row.

Shape Heel

Note- When pattern specifies turn - proceed as folls to avoid holes in work. Take yarn under needle and onto other side of work, slip next st onto right-hand needle, take yarn under needle and back to original position, slip st back onto left-hand needle, then turn and proceed as instructed in patt.

1st row(RS) - * K6, turn, K5, inc in last st, turn *, rep from * to * 3 more times,

Next row- * K8, turn, K6, K2tog, turn, rep from * to * 3 more times.

Next row(RS) - Knit across all sts to end ... 18 (18-19) sts.

Place a marker on this row.

Next row(WS) - * P6, turn, P5, inc in next st, turn, * rep from * to * 3 more times.

Next row(WS) - * P8, turn, P6, P2tog, turn, rep from * to * 3 more times.

Next row- Purl across all sts to end ... 18 (18-19) sts.

Cont in stocking st until work measures 16.5 (18-20) cm from marker, ending with a purl row.

Shape Toe -

Work 2 (3-3) rows stocking st, dec 4 (3-3) sts evenly across each row ... 10 (9-10) sts. Break off yarn leaving a long end. Thread yarn through rem sts, draw up tightly and fasten off securely.


DO NOT PRESS. Using a flat seam, join side edges tog.



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