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Things to store in jars in your kitchen

Jars are wonderful in the kitchen for a number of reasons: they contribute to your food products lasting longer because they're air-tight - they help with identifying products because you can see through the jar, and they look so much better than the commercial packaging you buy off the supermarket shelf. Unlike canisters and other kitchen storage containers, glass offers an unrivaled elegance that really makes a feature of the food itself.

There's no limit to the amount of foods you can store in jars but some popular items are spices, legumes, seeds, cereals and nuts, coffee and tea (especially loose leaf teas), and sugars, flours and other baking staples. These products work so well in glass because you're likely to want to store them for longer periods of time, and glass jars do that job better than most materials.

Go beyond the practical and make a design statement out of your glass kitchen storage jars by grouping foods to show off their colours and textures.

Other uses for mason jars

Mason jars may be commonly used for food storage but there's no reason why you can't also use them for super yummy, cheap dishes to take to work every day. Consider stacking a mason jar with vegetables or greens and dried noodles, screwing on the lid and then pouring boiling water on top when you're ready for a simple, nutritious and delicious soup. Or, you can create layers of chia seeds, yoghurt, granola and fruits in the jar for a fabulous breakfast on the run.

Half-fill a mason jar with water then put your fresh-cut herbs inside and store in the fridge. You'll find the herbs won't wilt as quickly.

Punching holes in the lids of mason jars opens up a whole lot of other possibilities. For instance, you could use your jar to hold twine or string - just pull the thread through the hole in the top so it doesn't get messy and knotted. Similarly, you can keep anti-bacterial wipes moist in a mason jar and pull them through the hole in the top like a dispenser.

Think beyond just sitting your jars on the bench or in the pantry - maybe you'd like to attach your mason jars to a wooden board with clasps and create a DIY utensils holder?

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