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Choose Apparel Fabrics For Absolute Beginners

Starting out with dressmaking is a really exciting time, especially with all those amazing ideas out there. Of course, beginners do not only have to select the right pattern, they also need to choose some apparel fabrics to make their project. Being knowledgeable about apparel fabrics can be advantageous for your project, so let us explore the various options available to you.

What Does GSM Stand For?

When you look at a selection of apparel fabrics in the Spotlight collection, you will often see a reference to the term GSM. The abbreviation GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre. It is a universal term used to refer to the thickness of the fabric. So, indirectly, GSM can also refer to the weight of your fabric.

As a general rule of thumb, lower GSM will refer to thinner and more lightweight fabrics. So, if you are looking for thicker and heavier apparel fabrics, you will be looking for options with a higher GSM.

What Are Popular Apparel Fabrics?

There are countless apparel fabrics you could implement in your dressmaking and tailoring efforts. But which are some of the most popular? And what are the characteristics of these popular dressmaking fabrics?

Jersey: One popular apparel fabric is jersey. Contrary to most fabrics, it is a knitted fabric, this means it has a little more stretch compared to the average woven options. The material can also be made from various fabric fibres, including cotton and wool.

There are many applications for jersey, but the most popular application is undoubtedly T-shirts and dress shirts. Nothing feels as comfortable as jersey, so this is the first port of call when you start making your own clothing.

Cotton: This material is probably the most widely known fabric material in the world. And there are many reasons to be excited about this material, as it is breathable as well as hypoallergenic. Cotton can be used for a variety of clothing, but also for bed linen.

The quality of cotton fabrics can vary by the type of cotton fabric fibres used. Egyptian cotton harvested around the Nile in Egypt tends to be the highest quality cotton, but also the most expensive. However, there are plenty of affordable cotton fabrics out there that are affordable, smooth, and comfortable. So, you do not necessarily need the most expensive option out there to benefit from premium quality cotton.

Polyester: A polyester fabric is manmade, which means it is relatively easy to produce and quite affordable for the customer. It is quite the versatile material, with great durability and longevity.

The only issue with pure polyester is that it is not as smooth or as comfortable as cotton and wool. Fortunately, manufacturers often combine polyester with other materials such as cotton, this gives you the softness of cotton and the durability of polyester. So, you get the best of both worlds!

Cotton fleece: If you like some softer materials for the lining of a jacket or even to make a sweater, you may want to look into cotton fleece. It is a knitted fabric that has a napped finish, this due to the brushing of the fabric fibres during the manufacturing process. As a result, you get the natural softness of cotton, but with a higher cuddle factor thanks to the brushed fabric fibres.

Discover Our Licensed Apparel Fabrics For Your Dressmaking Projects

Even though you will use many plain coloured fabrics for your dressmaking projects, you will eventually expand to some themed versions too, this is especially the case if you are making some pyjamas or children's clothing. For these projects, you can count on the licensed apparel fabrics available at Spotlight. Check out the licensed apparel fabrics right now and get a wonderful and amazing discount to boot!



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