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Get The Party Started With Helium Balloons From Spotlight

Party balloons go hand in hand with birthdays, engagements, milestones, and just about any celebration you could care to mention! At Spotlight, you can find balloons in a myriad of colours, printed designs, foil shapes and much more. Combine free-floating balloons or balloon bouquet arrangements with party decorations, favours and costumes to create an event that your guests will remember for many years to come! Spotlight offers a comprehensive balloon inflation service to meet all your needs, or choose to DIY your balloons with our helium tanks & balloon kits.

What Types Of Balloons Can I Add To My Celebration?

At Spotlight, you can discover a huge selection of balloons to suit any theme or event:

  • Latex balloons: These classic balloons come in 30 cm and 60 cm sizes, with a whole rainbow of colours to choose from! Spotlight's range includes plain, pearl, and matte pastel finishes, as well as balloon garland kits and packs of confetti-printed balloons.
  • Foil Balloons: These shiny novelty balloons are perfect for customising your themed decorations. Choose from foil number balloons, letters, animal shapes, Frozen-themed designs and more!
  • Balloon Bouquets: These handy packs include plain and printed foil balloons in a range of popular themes. Use these free-floating in your party space, or add to your tables using balloon accessories such as ribbons and balloon weights.

Balloons FAQ

How long do helium balloons last?

How long a balloon remains inflated depends on the material it's made from and what it's inflated with. Once inflated with helium, latex balloons will stay afloat for around 10 to 12 hours. If you need your balloons to stay buoyant for a little longer, opt to have hi-float added when using our inflation service. Foil balloons will stay afloat for longer - anywhere from 2 days up to a week. Standard balloons filled with regular air can last up to a couple of weeks but remember they won't float.

Hot Tip: To preserve the longevity of your balloons, avoid dramatic changes in temperature and store them away from heaters, overhead lights and static electricity from bags. While keeping them in bags is recommended for transport, make sure you free them once you get to your venue!

How to tie balloons

Tying a balloon can be tricky, especially if you are the type of person who normally doesn't throw parties. But just like tying shoelaces, you'll be a balloon-tying pro in no time with these simple steps:

  • Once the balloon is filled and ready to be tied, pinch the neck of the balloon with one hand.
  • Now gently stretch the neck out, enough to wrap around two fingers (about 5 cms).
  • While it's stretched out, pinch the base of the neck with your other hand and pull it towards you.
  • Wrap the neck around the thumb and index finger of the hand holding the base.
  • Now tuck the lip of the balloon through the gap.
  • Once you've pulled the lip through, remove your fingers and pull the neck up to create a knot.

How to deflate foil balloons

Did you know that you can deflate self-sealing foil balloons and reuse them again? Whether it's filled with helium or air, here's how to deflate a foil balloon:

  • Gently insert a straw into the opening of the foil balloon.
  • Carefully press on the balloon to expel the air inside through the straw.
  • Continue squeezing the balloon until it is completely deflated.

Balloon Inflation Services at Spotlight

You can either purchase a helium kit and inflate your balloons yourself at home, or make an order with balloon inflation services available at selected stores. Check the page for pricing and how to order. Balloon gas tank hire is also available for your convenience.

Celebrate In Style With Balloons & Party Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight has everything you need to create memorable events. Whether you're celebrating an engagement or a little one's birthday, our selection of party supplies has you covered for any theme or budget. You can find all your party decorations, costumes & accessories, party entertainment and tableware & servingware in-store where our friendly team members can help you find everything you need. Alternatively, you can make your purchases online from the comfort of your home and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Remember to also sign up as a VIP for exclusive membership benefits and discounts, including 20-30% off party products every day!



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