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Learn the Basics of Choosing Your Crochet Hooks and Other Supplies at Spotlight

Crochet is a popular craft for many Australians, but many find it quite daunting to pick out their crochet supplies for the first time. To help first-time customers pick out the right supplies for their needs, we have created an overview of commonly asked questions regarding crochet hooks and supplies. Read on to discover how you pick the best crochet supplies for your project.

How Do I Choose My Crochet Hook?

When you just start out with crochet, it might help you to know that most balls of yarn have a label with the recommended crochet hook size on it - this could help you determine which crochet hook to obtain from Spotlight. The ideal size of your crochet hook could also be mentioned on your project pattern.

What Is the Best Crochet Hook for Beginners?

Customers who want to practice crochet before starting on a project should get a pair of beginner crochet hooks - this is usually the H/8 or 5mm hook. The material your crochet hook is made of can be important too, since some crochet hook materials are easier to work with for beginners than others. For most beginners, the aluminium crochet hook is the best choice.

To start practicing crochet, you will also need a ball of yarn to use with your new crochet hook. For beginners, we usually recommend a four-ply knitting yarn. However, if you already have some balls of yarn lying around in your home, then you could use those for practicing purposes too.

What Is the Best Crochet Hook Available Today?

Even though this may sound like a bit of a cliché -, but the performance of a crochet hook usually comes down to personal preferences. While there may be certain brands that provide better quality than others, it is usually best to try out different types of crochet hooks to determine which one suits you best.

How Do I Crochet?

While we could provide you with a lengthy tutorial on how to crochet, we will provide you with a summarised version for beginners. Of course, you can find more detailed techniques and even beginner crochet patterns online.

1. Hold your preferred crochet hook in your right hand. Then, make a slip knot on the crochet hook.
2. Take the yarn over the crochet hook, do this from back to front. Then, grab it with the hook.
3. Pull the hooked yarn through the slip knot you made in the previous step and put it onto the hook. You have now made a one-chain stitch.
4. Repeat the previous steps X amount of times until you have the number of stitches you want.
5. Once you have the desired number of stitches, bring the hook into the centre of the next chain stitch. Pull the yarn through the stitch and put it on the hook. You should see two loops after doing this.
6. Bring the yarn over the crochet hook from back to front, draw it through both loops until only one loop remains on the hook. Now you have made the crochet stitch.
7. Repeat the previous steps until you have reached the end of the chain.
8. For the last stitch on the raw, you will make a chain stitch. Then, leave the hook on the chain. After this, you can start another row. Keep on repeating the process until you have the desired length.
9. To finish your project, cut the yarn, but leave a little bit of room (don't cut too close to the stitches). Then, draw your crochet hook upwards and bring the yarn through the remaining loop on your hook.



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