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Passionate About Your Flowers? Learn More About the Different Types of Vases Today!

Anyone who is passionate about flowers may have a lot of them in their home. Of course, this requires a good selection of quality vases, since a decent vase can make your flowers appear even more beautiful. So, if you are obsessed with flowers, be sure to learn more about the different types of vases below.

What Is the Narrow Neck Vase?

A narrow neck vase is probably one of the best-known vases in the world. It is characterised by a wide back, while the neck of the vase is quite narrow. The narrow neck has a purpose, since its design is meant to keep flowers close together.

The narrow neck vase is usually recommended for flowers with thin stems but large flower petals. Therefore, if you love flowers such as hydrangeas and magnolias, the narrow neck vase will be a vital addition to your home.

What Is the Bud Vase?

A bud vase can come in many lengths, so customers will find this type of vase in both short and tall versions. However, there is one characteristic that sets the bud vase apart from other vase designs, more specifically the miniscule neck on top of the vase.

Since the neck of the bud vase is tiny, this type of vase can only hold a minimal number of flowers. It is often advised to use the vase for smaller stemmed flowers, although it could also be considered to display a single flower.

Bud vases are often a great choice for avid gardeners, since many flowers commonly found in gardens can be displayed in a bud vase. Flowers that look beautiful in a bud vase include geraniums and daisies, but there is no real limit to the type of flower(s) you could add to this vase.

What Is the Cylinder Vase?

Some flowers take up quite a bit of space, so they require a vase that can accommodate that. One such a vase is the cylinder vase, which is quite tall with an overall spacious design. Considering the spacious design and the length of the vase, the cylinder vase is best for flowers that have quite a long stem and a lot of foliage.

Flowers you could put in a cylinder vase include lilies and similar options. However, when you choose flowers with loads of foliage, consider the design of the vase carefully. Some cylinder vases come with lots of detailing, but this could take away the beauty of the flowers. So, before you obtain a cylinder vase, please make sure you plan the flowers you will add carefully. Of course, you could also choose a safe option made from plain, clear glass.

What Is the Cube Vase?

Most cube vases are relatively short, making them more suitable for flowers with a shorter stem. Of course, there is something else in the design of the cube vase that must be considered, more specifically the large amount of room in the vase itself.

With a cube vase, it is usually recommended to choose short-stemmed flowers with smaller flower petals. You can also trim some flowers with a longer stem and small petals to fit the cube vase and create a beautiful arrangement for your home. Recommended flower choices for this include roses and tulips.

Can I Obtain Vases at Spotlight?

Spotlight provides customers with a stunning selection of vases that will meet their criteria. We have a range of clear glass vases for garden enthusiasts who like the simple beauty of their flowers, but also decorated vases that will add a little more atmosphere to your floral arrangement. Check them out today to get the most from your flowers!



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