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Create a unique display with beautiful shadow box frames from Spotlight. Frame your favourite photos, concert tickets and trinkets with shadow frames today.

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Show Off Your Keepsakes With A Shadow Box Frame From Spotlight

Shadow box frames may look like regular picture frames, but there's a little more to them than meets the eye. The extra depth in these boxes allows you to store 3D objects inside, helping you show off craft projects, trinkets, awards and even clothing!

With a wide variety of sizes and frame types available, you can find the perfect small or large shadow box frame right here at Spotlight.

How to use a shadow box frame

Shadow box frames can be detached from the back like a regular photo frame, but it's how you attach and insert your trinkets that matter. Make sure to measure the height of them so you know they'll fit under the glass!

You can use glue dots, hot glue, double-sided tape, pins, velcro or craft wire to adhere your memorabilia to the back of the deep shadow box frame, and be careful not to damage your items as you work. Once dry, pop the backing back into the frame.

Shadow box frame FAQs

What is a shadow box frame?

A shadow box frame is a picture frame with a sturdy backing, frame and extra depth that allows you to display 3D objects inside. Shadow box frames come in a range of sizes, colours and materials, and can also be painted, carved and otherwise decorated if needed.

What to put in a shadow box frame

Things you can put into a shadow box include baby keepsakes, holiday trinkets, wedding and birthday memorabilia, graduation keepsakes and dried flowers. Make sure to measure the height and depth of your trinks to ensure they'll fit inside the box without touching the glass.

How to frame medals in a shadow box

Medals can be heavy so you'll need a reliable way to fasten them in a shadow box to ensure they don't fall down or damage the shadow box frame backing. Choose a box with a solid backing made from wood and not paper or cardboard. Then, use a hot glue gun or, for a less permanent fixture, craft wire, to secure the medals in place. Keep in mind that using wire will require you to poke the ends through the back of the box.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of frames at Spotlight, including:

  • Single photo frames: These elegant frames are designed to showcase a single image. Some frames will have an extended white border around the side.
  • Collage poster frames: Display multiple images together in any of our impressive collage photo frames.
  • Certificate poster frames: Show off your achievements with these certificate poster frames, perfect for graduation and other certification certificates.

You can also find photo frame packs and photo albums in the range if you have many different photos to display.

Find the right shadow box frames at Spotlight

For home decor with a personal touch, purchase a shadow frame from the range at Spotlight today! Choose a deep shadow box frame online, safely pay and we'll deliver your shadow frames straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best small or large shadow box frames for your needs.

Learn more about shadow boxes in our amazing shadow box ideas blog! And for more home decor ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on creating a gallery wall, decorating with mirrors and styling a room with faux greenery.



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