Contour Toilet Mats

Spotlight offers shaggy, tufted or plush contour bath mats & toilet mats in different colours & designs. Shop the extensive range online or in-store!

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Can I purchase contour mats at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. On these pages, you will find a selection of contour mats for use in your bathroom, shower room, WC or anywhere else in the home where there may be a WC or pedestal basin. Choose from a variety of colours and designs that can be matched with your interior, your tiles or your towels and other bath mats.

What is a contour mat?

A contour mat also called a pedestal mat in some parts of the world, is a mat with a u-shaped opening on one side that fits neatly around the pedestal of your wash basin or around your WC.

It can help to protect your flooring from splashes and stains and is also warm underfoot if your floor is tiled or when the weather is cold.

Some people object to contour mats on the grounds of hygiene, especially when they are placed around the WC. However, most contour mats are made from 100% cotton and can be washed in the same way that you would regularly wash your towels. AS long as you make washing these mats part of your regular cleaning schedule, bacteria will not have a chance to build up in them. And they can save you money as the stains, which can include urine, but also for instance bleach or other detergents that are used to clean the WC, will be prevented from damaging your flooring.

Can I buy contour mats in different colours?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight we have a wide range of contour mats in different designs and colours, to suit every type of interior. Match your contour mats with square or rectangular bath mats in a matching colour to create a co-ordinated bathroom look, or match your mats with your favourite towels or to the tiles, the shower curtain or the bathroom accessories. If you like to ring the changes, you can have several different sets that you can alternate.

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom mats and products too?

Yes, here at Spotlight you will find a huge range of items for your bathroom, from bath mats and contour mats to storage, fittings, equipment, accessories, towels, bathrobes, anti-slip mats for in the bath or shower, and much more. Browse our ranges to see some stunning collections of bathroom accessories that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect bathroom style.

With accessories in wood, ceramics, bamboo, chrome and plastic, you can opt for a range of different looks.

Changing your towels, bath mats and bathroom accessories can be a great way to refresh your bathroom without having to go to the expense of renewing expensive sanitary ware such as baths or showers, so it is ideal if you feel your bathroom is beginning to look a little tired, or if you want to create a different ambiance. Opt for soft and romantic for enjoying long soaks in the bath, or bright and invigorating for those who need to be out of the door in a hurry - the choice is yours!



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