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Uncover The Benefits Of Our Room Darkening Curtains

Many homeowners have a selection of room darkening curtains in their home, since they can provide the benefit of additional privacy. However, these types of curtains are often confused with blackout curtains, even though they are not the same thing. To help you understand room darkening curtains and their benefits, we have created an overview with some essential information below.

What Are Room Darkening Curtains?

While room darkening curtains will still leave some light inside the home, they will provide you with some privacy. It is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to shield one of their windows from the outside world, while not losing all the incoming light inside the room.

Room darkening curtains are also available under another name, more specifically light-filtering curtains, this once again refers to the specific function these curtains provide.

We must mention that even though light filtering and room darkening are mentioned as the same, there is a slight difference in the percentage of light they let in the house. If you choose room darkening curtains, they will block between 95-99% of light entering your home. However, if you choose light filtering, the block percentage will be lower than 95%. So, if you prefer a little more light combined with privacy, look for light filtering options first.

Where Should I Install Room Darkening Curtains?

Considering the many benefits, there are countless rooms where room darkening curtains may be of use. Most people will have them in the living room, since it enables them to darken the room to watch a film or to spend some time on the computer. It is also a good privacy option, since you can close the curtains at night and prevent people from looking inside.

In theory, you can hang room darkening curtains in any room of the house, but most people use a combination. For example, sheer curtains in the kitchen, room darkening curtains in the living room, and blackout curtains in the bedroom.

What Is The Difference With Blackout Curtains?

As we briefly explained in the section that describes the definition of room darkening curtains, it all comes down to the amount of light your curtains let through. While room darkening curtains block out 95-99% of the incoming light, blackout curtains will block out 100%. Therefore, blackout curtains tend to be most suitable for the bedroom, where incoming light could disturb sleep.

Do Room Darkening Curtains Block Out Heat From Outside?

Most curtains will block out some of the heat coming from the outside, this includes room darkening curtains. Sunlight that enters your home can warm up your home considerably, especially during the summer. When you leave your room darkening curtains closed, 95-99% of that light will be blocked, so it cannot warm up your home too much.

Do Room Darkening Curtains Keep My Home Warm?

Room darkening curtains do not only help during the warmer months, they can also keep your rooms more comfortable during the colder months. Room darkening curtains will insulate the room to some degree, preventing some of the cold air from around the window to mix with the warm air inside the home. Of course, curtains must be combined with decent double glazing and insultation around the home for maximum effect.

Can I Use A Combination Of Curtains In My Living Room?

When people want privacy, it does not mean they automatically want to filter all the light from the outside. Since a combination between 95-99% can block out a lot, there are many people who use several different curtains to obtain the desired effect.

One of the most common ways to get the best of both worlds is by using a combination of sheer curtains and room darkening curtains. When you want to let some of the light in, but want to maintain your privacy, simply open up your room darkening curtains and keep your sheer curtains in place. However, if you want to keep the heat out or darken the room in the evening, simply draw the room darkening curtains closed.

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