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Uncover the Most Popular Kids Kitchen Items at Spotlight!

To ensure the kitchen is a fun environment for children too, you can choose some kids kitchen items from Spotlight. Today, we are covering the most popular kitchen items for children. So, be sure to read our overview below to determine what you could obtain for your child.

What Is the First Children's Kitchen Item I Should Obtain from Spotlight?

Frozen is still one of the most popular children's movies until this day, so it is no surprise that the most popular kitchen item at Spotlight have a Frozen theme. The Frozen Melamine Plate is the perfect addition for a little girl, since this pink-themed plate features a beautiful illustration of Elsa and Anna.

Like all the children's kitchen items in our catalogue, the Frozen Melamine Plate is made from 100% BPA-free and food-safe melamine. The plate also has additional benefits - this includes a light weight, stain resistance, and dishwasher safeness. So, this plate is undoubtedly the best choice for a little girl.

There are additional items inside our catalogue that could complement the Frozen Melamine Plate - this includes the Frozen Melamine Bowl and the Frozen tumbler. So, if your little girl is a big fan of the film Frozen, be sure to choose any of these additional items for the kitchen too.

What Is the Second Children's Kitchen Item I Should Obtain from Spotlight?

The second item that proves especially fun for children is the Minions Hydro Canteen Bottle. The Minions Hydro Canteen Bottle could be used to keep your child hydrated around the home, but it could also be a good drink bottle during school hours.

Our Minions Hydro Canteen Bottle is made from sturdy stuff, so it is also a durable choice for a child who needs a new drinking bottle. Of course, this canteen bottle has a beautiful design too, since it features an image of a minion from Despicable Me on either side. The top of the canteen bottle also has the characteristic minion colours, making this drinking bottle come together beautifully.

What Is the Third Children's Kitchen Item I Should Obtain from Spotlight?

The next suggestion from our Spotlight catalogue is the Minions Zak Snap Sandwich Container, an ideal choice for your child's lunch once he or she starts going to school. The Minions Zak Snap Sandwich Container also matches the other minion kitchen items from our catalogue beautifully.

Each Minions Zak Snap Sandwich Container is made from the finest polypropylene. Its dimensions are 5 L x 15.5 W x 15.5 H cm, which leaves plenty of space for your child's lunch. The life of the lunchbox is decorated with a minion image, while the rest of the lunchbox has a stunning transparent blue colour.

What Is the Fourth Children's Kitchen Item I Should Obtain from Spotlight?

There are also minion cutlery, plates and bowels inside Spotlight's range of kitchen items for children. Naturally, each of these items are made from the finest materials and feature an image of a minion to make the entire design come together.

The first item you cannot pass on for the kitchen is the Minion 2-Piece Cutlery Set. The Minion 2-Piece Cutlery Set contains a special fork and spoon, each with a stunning minion design. So, if a child wants some cutlery they can call their own, this spoon and fork will be greatly appreciated.

You could also consider the Minions Round Melamine Plate and Bowl. Like the cutlery set, the bowl and plate are made from melamine material. They each have a minion design too, so they make dinner time a lot more interesting.

What Is the Fifth Children's Kitchen Item I Should Obtain from Spotlight?

Our last suggestion from our catalogue is the Paw Patrol Sandwich Container. The Paw Patrol Sandwich Container is made from plastic, and has a stunning illustration featuring several characters of the television series Paw Patrol.

The Paw Patrol Sandwich Container measures 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 4.5 cm, leaving plenty of space for your child's lunch. Of course, this sandwich container also has some matching paw patrol kitchen items in our catalogue, so be sure to look out for the other paw patrol items in our range.

What Other Children's Kitchen Items Can I Find at Spotlight?

There are more useful kitchen items for children at Spotlight, so if you have not found the perfect addition to your kitchen yet, be sure to check out the additional options from our children's kitchen range.

Do you have additional questions about our range of children's kitchen items? Or are you looking for something specific? Feel free to contact our Spotlight team for some additional information. We will be more than happy to assist.



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