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Enjoy Hot Beverages In Style With A Cup And Saucer Set From Spotlight

From high teas to your afternoon cuppa, the addition of a cup and saucer set to your drinkware collection is always a good idea! Elegant in any setting, a tea cup and saucer makes drinking tea even more delightful - try one today and see how you enjoy the experience.

The Proper Way To Use A Tea Cup And Saucer Combination

If your tea cup has a matching saucer, you should always use them together when drinking tea or even coffee - your cup will look a little lost without its matching saucer! You should leave your saucer on the table and lift the cup to your lips if you are drinking while seated. The only time to hold the saucer while you drink is if you are standing or walking around while you drink.

Cups & Saucers FAQ

What is a cup and saucer?

A cup and saucer is a tea cup and a matching small plate that are traditionally used together to drink tea. They are usually made of a ceramic, such as porcelain, or glass, and can be plainly coloured or feature intricate designs and patterns.

What is the purpose of a saucer?

A saucer's primary purpose is to protect you or a surface like your dining table from the heat of your tea cup, as well as any errant splashes or drips of tea. They are especially handy if you are drinking tea while sitting in a chair without a table to rest your cup on.

Saucers can also be used to rest other parts of your tea-drinking experience on, like a used tea bag, a teaspoon or even a little treat like a biscuit or chocolate.

How to remove tea stains from a cup

After using your tea cups for a while, you may notice stains beginning to form on the inside of the cup that can't be removed with normal washing. Try filling the stained cup with an equal mixture of hot water and vinegar, leaving it for an hour and then hand wash as normal. Or try adding some baking soda to the stain or to your sponge before scrubbing away at it.

The best way to prevent stains is to immediately rinse them after use - letting old tea and coffee sit after use is a sure-fire way to stain your favourite cup!

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Find The Right Tea Cup And Saucer Sets At Spotlight

Enjoy tea time with the right tea or coffee cup and saucer set from Spotlight today! You can discover the range online, where you can pay your way and have your cup and saucer set home delivered. Otherwise, head into your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right cup and saucer set for your home. Check out our drinkware buying guide to make sure you're choosing the right cups for your needs. And for fun event ideas to bring out your best cup and saucer sets at, read our blogs on Mother's Day, tablescaping and relaxing at home.



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