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Brighten up your own home with some of our finely made and beautiful framed prints from Spotlight. Explore our collection and shop with us today!

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What are framed prints?

Framed prints are mass produced works of art that come already mounted onto frames out of the box. These are an affordable yet equally tasteful alternative to traditional wall decorations like paintings and other artworks. These framed pieces also have a more traditional look to them, compared to canvas prints which are often simply mounted onto wood stretchers.

What type of framed prints does Spotlight offer?

Spotlight has a huge selection of framed prints that will appeal to different tastes. Unlike canvas prints which are merely printed by a machine, many of the framed prints we offer combines other materials like foil and wood with the printed artwork to give it a more interesting mixed media look and extra texture.

You can choose from different art styles ranging from interesting patterns to more traditional images like maps, clouds and stars. We also have framed prints that feature modern and abstract art if you're looking to add a more sophisticated dash of style to your walls. For children's bedrooms and play rooms, we have framed prints that feature superheroes and cartoon characters.

Our framed prints come in a variety of sizes so you won't have any problem finding pieces that will fit on any empty space on your walls. The smallest framed prints we have measure around 30 x 30 cm while the largest ones measure around 70 x 50 cm. When it comes to decorating your walls with framed prints, you can choose one piece that is just large enough for the space you want to fill or you can mix and match different sized prints to fill up the entire wall.

What other wall decor can I find at Spotlight?

If you're looking for affordable artwork that has a more modern and minimalist style, we have canvas prints that are simply mounted onto wood stretchers. Just like our framed prints, you can easily hang these canvas prints as soon as you get them out of their packaging without having to tape or tack them onto your walls so that they'll stay flat. Our selection of canvas prints also come in a range of sizes and art styles which include photos of breathtaking landscapes, mood setting urban scenes and abstract paintings.

You can also make your own personalised framed artwork with our selection of photo frames. We offer photo frames with traditional wood frames, as well as more stylish frames that feature distressed wood and moulded plastic. We also have collage photo frames or multiple opening photo frames which allow you to mount multiple photos in one frame. These collage photo frames allow you to easily tell stories using different photos, art prints and inspirational words.

For even more unique and eye catching wall accents, check out our selection of metal wall art. Compared to framed prints and canvas prints, these are more 3-dimensional and look more like sculptures on your wall. Even with their simple designs they are still able to grab people's attention and make for great accent pieces.

We also have wall stickers that you can use to cover up entire walls and give it complete makeover. These are made out of adhesive backed vinyl and feature photo realistic prints of more expensive materials like brick and hardwood, and are modern day alternatives to wall paper and paint. Wall stickers are perfect for renters who want to dress up their plain looking walls but are restricted from making permanent renovations to their homes.



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