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Create Gorgeous Resin Art With Resin Art Supplies From Spotlight

Create your own jewellery and coasters, or give your arts and crafts a protective, shiny coating using the resin art supplies from Spotlight! From leading brands like Ribtex and American Crafts, our resin art supplies include two-part and UV-hardening resins, as well as resin moulds, inserts like metallic flakes, sequins and stones, as well as comprehensive resin art supplies kits that have everything you need in one handy pack.

What is resin?

When it is used for art, the resin we refer to is a very strong, long-lasting and durable medium that can be used as a protective coating or as the main body for your art. Resin is a thick, pourable medium that goes on clear and dries clear, although you can add colours using special powdered or liquid dyes. There are two types - epoxy or casting resin.

Resin art FAQs

What supplies do I need for resin art?

Besides your resin itself, you will need gloves, disposable clear plastic cups, mixing sticks and a plastic sheet to protect your work surface. Depending on what kind of resin art you are making, you may also need resin mould kits, a UV light, a heat gun and a spreading tool.

Is resin safe to use?

Resin is non-toxic once cured, but while you are mixing and pouring resin certain precautions need to be taken. Always wear gloves and protective clothing, as the resin is very difficult to remove from clothes and shoes, and you may like to wear goggles as well. A mask is a good idea, and some resins may require a respirator - check the safety sheet in your resin to check before using. Finally, always mix, pour and cure resin in a very well-ventilated area - open windows or a fan are a must!

Does resin need UV light to set?

Some resins will only cure when under a UV light - these resins are usually the kind used for making small pendants and jewellery. Resins used for larger purposes, like coating artwork, are two-part epoxy resins that will dry when both resin mix parts are combined. Check the packaging of your resin to see if you need to purchase a UV light as well!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other art supplies at Spotlight, including:

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  • Presentation and easels: Present your art with style on any of our elegant easels. We have both small tabletop and large standing easels available!

Browse our full range of art and craft products for anything other supplies you'll need to bring your next project to life.

Find the right resin art supplies at Spotlight

Our collection of resin art supplies for beginners and experts is all available online - safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the perfect resin art supplies kit for your needs.

Check out our amazing blog on resin art and our resin buying guide for everything you need to know about this incredible medium. And for more creative ideas and inspiration, try making some of these small resin projects!



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