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Our stylish jewellery boxes are ideal to keep your space clean and organised. Shop jewellery boxes online for elevated home styling and jewellery storage.

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Enjoy Beautiful Jewellery Storage Boxes At Spotlight

Serving both as stylish decor and protection, Spotlight's range of high-quality jewellery boxes and storage will keep your most precious pieces safe and in their best condition.

We have elegant glass, plastic and wooden jewellery boxes available for you to choose from, with each featuring useful compartments and niches for you to store different kinds of accessories in.

Why you should always store jewellery in a jewellery box

There are several reasons you should store your accessories inside a jewellery box, like:

  • It keeps them hidden from prying eyes: Quality jewellery is expensive, and keeping it stored safely away in a jewellery box is one of the best ways to keep it from being lost, lifted or stolen.
  • It slows silver from tarnishing: Pure silver jewellery will slowly tarnish when left in the open air, turning it from lustrous silver to a dim, matte brown or black. Slow this process by keeping your silver jewellery stored away in a jewellery box, ideally in its own small pouch that will further protect it from the elements.
  • It keeps them where you need them: It's very easy to lose small pieces of jewellery such as earring backs, loose pendants and rings. If they're kept loose on a tray or are just hung on a rack it's easy to lose track of these smaller pieces, so keep them in place with proper jewellery storage boxes. Then you'll always be able to find the accessory you need when you want it!

Proper storage is vital, all across the home - browse our full range of home storage for more useful storage options.

Jewellery box and storage FAQs

What is a jewellery box?

A jewellery box is a small, lidded box designed to store jewellery. Jewellery boxes are distinct from plain boxes in that they often have certain compartments for specific types of jewellery, such as drawers for bracelets and racks for rings. They may also include a small mirror and a lock.

How to use a jewellery box

To use a jewellery box, open the lid and place your jewellery into the correct compartments - make sure your jewellery is clean before storing it to prevent any extra tarnishing or oxidisation. If your jewellery storage box has a locking mechanism, you may like to lock it once you have stored everything.

How to organise a jewellery box

Place larger pieces, like necklaces and bracelets, into drawers or through specialised segmented racks. Earrings can go into smaller segmented compartments or into holed racks. Rings can go into the ridges at the top of the box or loose into compartments like the earrings.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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  • Storage shelves and rails: Take advantage of the walls in your home by storing and showing off your decor using storage shelves and rails.
  • Storage baskets: These rustic woven baskets double as home decor and look great in the bedroom and lounge room. Use them to store blankets cushions pillows and shoes where you need them.

Find more kinds of storage, including shopping trolleys and picture hanging supplies, in our extensive home decor category.

Find the right jewellery boxes and storage at Spotlight

Store your jewellery and accessories safely using any of the jewellery storage options from Spotlight. Shop for glass, plastic and wooden jewellery boxes online, safely pay and we'll deliver your jewellery storage straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best jewellery storage boxes for your needs.

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