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Top Tips for Creating Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a must during the holiday season. You can buy amazing wreaths from Spotlight, but you can also buy the materials you need to create your own. If you are looking to create your own wreath, make sure to read through our helpful tips for homemade Christmas wreaths below.

What Is the First Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

When creating a homemade wreath, it is important to cut all plant material into short lengths. When selecting your plant materials, please make sure you have quite the variety to add to your wreath - this goes from smooth and spiked leaves to broad.

What Is the Second Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

Most people will make a homemade wreath with a foam oasis - this is the easiest base to work with, but certainly not the only one available. However, if you work with foam, make sure none of the foam is visible when adding foliage.

When adding foliage to the foam, it is also a good idea to use loads of variation. If you are trying to make a traditional wreath, it is best to avoid groups with the same materials. Instead, use a mix of various leaves and berries to make the wreath look beautiful.

What Is the Third Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

As we mentioned before, there are several bases you could consider for a homemade wreath. The most common is the foam oasis, but you could also use other bases such as thick wire or a metal coat hanger. In general, most things can be used as a base for the wreath.

What Is the Fourth Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

Before creating a wreath, it is always a good idea to think about the theme of the wreath. There are many themes you could consider. You could make your wreath a little more unique by using materials such as tinsel and baubles, or you could take the traditional route with berries and foliage.

Many people use a combination of traditional and modern - this means the wreath will contain loads of foliage but also Christmas baubles and tinsel. If you think of doing this, please make sure you add the decorations after you have applied all the foliage and berries - this makes it easier to work with your chosen materials.

What Is the Fifth Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

While we recommend cutting foliage short before adding it to the foam, there are some instances where longer foliage might be better. If you are looking for a contemporary designer wreath, leave your foliage a little longer for maximum effect.

Please note that the base material you are using for the wreath must be strong enough to hold all the decorations and foliage you have in mind. While a foam oasis can hold onto quite a few bits of foliage, it is not strong enough to hold onto heavier items such as flowers and baubles.

What Is the Last Tip for Creating a Homemade Wreath?

When it comes down to wreath creation, most people stick to the rule of three - this rule dictates that all used decorations should be in numbers divisible by three. While this is certainly a rule that could help beginners, experienced wreath makers can certainly step away from this rule, depending on the materials they will work with.

Creative wreath makers like to add some winter flowers to their homemade wreath. If you create a wreath with flowers, it is certainly not a problem to ignore the rule of three. Instead, let your creativity roam free for maximum effect.



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