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Check Out the Recommended Beads for Your Jewellery-Making Projects This Year!

Every year, Spotlight provides a large range of beads for all your jewellery-making projects. Of course, certain beads are more popular than others where trends are concerned, and Spotlight aims to keep their range of beads as trendy as possible. Curious what our trendiest beads are this year? Read our information below to find out more.

What Are the First Beads I Should Obtain for My Jewellery-Making Collection This Year?

Since gold is certainly back in style this year, you should certainly choose some of our gold beads. Even though we have several available, we certainly recommend some gold bead caps, which you could use to put some accents on your jewellery-making projects. One such a selection of bead caps is the Ribtex Jewellery Accessories Adjustable Bead Caps. So, if you want to modernise some of your current jewellery pieces, or simply want to use some gold for your latest projects, be sure to consider this selection of beads from the Spotlight catalogue.

What Are the Second Beads I Should Obtain for My Jewellery-Making Collection This Year?

In addition to some of our finest golden beads, we also recommend some of our blue beads. Blue is a colour that will be remarkably popular throughout the year, so it is best to have a supply of blue beads in your collection.

At Spotlight, customers can find blue beads from various brands - this includes blue glass beads from the Ribtex section. There is also a lovely shade of purple, which will look quite trendy too this year. So, be sure to obtain any of these two selections to ensure your beads collection stays up-to-date.

What Are the Third Beads I Should Obtain for My Jewellery-Making Collection This Year?

When it comes to jewellery trends this year, smaller beads are quite popular too. So, when choosing beads for your collection this year, be sure to consider some of our smaller beads for your jewellery-making collection.

One selection of smaller beads is the Ribtex Sensations Small Seed Beads. Seed beads are some of the smallest beads used for jewellery-making, so they enable crafters to create some of the more detailed jewellery-making projects.

At Spotlight, customers can find seed beads in a variety of materials and colours. Available colours include frosted red, solid yellow, watermelon, copper, and much more. To check out the entire range of seed beads, be sure to check out the beads catalogue at Spotlight.

What Are the Fourth Beads I Should Obtain for My Jewellery-Making Collection This Year?

Since more detailed beads are all the rage this year, you could also consider some bugle beads for your collection. Bugle beads are characterised by a longer length, but since they are small they are still suitable for those detailed jewellery-making projects.

At Spotlight, customers can find bugle beads in a variety of colours and materials - this includes trendy glass bugle beads. Available colours for bugle beads include options such as white, silver, red, plum pink, and loads more. So, there are plenty of options for your new jewellery-making projects.

What Are the Fifth Beads I Should Obtain for My Jewellery-Making Collection This Year?

One of the most popular types of beads is undoubtedly the bicone glass bead. Fortunately, bicone is popular this year too, so you can rely on your current selection of bicone beads to create new jewellery pieces.

Need to supplement your current collection of bicone beads? No problem, because Spotlight has numerous packs containing bicone glass - this includes Ribtex Reflections Bicone Glass Beads. The Ribtex Reflections Bicone Glass Beads are also available in various colours - this includes black, red, crystal, and much more.

Glass beads will be most popular this year, but we must mention that other materials are available too. So, in addition to glass, you could also get your bicone beads in wood or other popular jewellery-making materials. To determine which material is best for your jewellery-making projects, please check out the catalogue at Spotlight.

What Beads Can I Find at Spotlight This Year?

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, Spotlight offers a great variety of beads. Our beads are obtained from a variety of brands, and come in numerous colours and materials. To ensure our customers only get the best beads to match their needs, we ensure that we offer the trendiest range on the Australian market - this includes bicone beads, but also round beads, bugle beads, and other popular options mentioned here today.

In addition to delightful beads, customers can count on Spotlight for other jewellery-making supplies. So, if you need more than just beads for your jewellery-making collection, you could certainly count on additional supplies such as pliers, charms, bands, inscription tools, and more.



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