Curtain Tiebacks & Holdbacks

Transform your curtains with stylish curtain tiebacks & curtain holdbacks. Add a sleek touch to your curtains with tiebacks in many styles from Spotlight.

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Elevate The Look Of Your Curtains With Tiebacks & Holdbacks

Curtain holdbacks and tiebacks are the perfect finishing touch to your new curtain installation. Whether you have made your own curtains or purchased a pair of ready-made curtains, tiebacks and holdbacks are a practical and functional accessory that can also elevate the look of your decor. Choose from fabric tiebacks in a range of textures and colours, or metal holdbacks to add a modern accent to your window furnishings. You can also find all the essential accessories for installation in Spotlight's range like cup hooks and tieback hooks to bring the whole look together.

Curtain Tieback Vs Curtain Holdback: What's The Difference?

Two curtain accessories you will come across often are tiebacks and holdbacks - sometimes also referred to as curtain pullbacks. While they perform a similar function (i.e. holding your drawn back curtains in place) they are different aesthetically and in how this function is achieved. Most tiebacks are made from softer and more flexible materials like ropes or braided cords. The tieback is wrapped around the curtain and fastened onto a tieback hook secured to the window frame. Curtain holdbacks, on the other hand, are a large hook made from inflexible material such as metal or timber. The curtain is simply gathered in place and sits inside the holdback which has been secured into the window frame.

Curtain Tiebacks & Holdbacks FAQs

How to install tiebacks & holdbacks

Installing curtain holdbacks and tiebacks is a straightforward process - the main consideration is finding the right position on the window frame so the finished effect looks neat and balanced. The general rule of thumb is to place them around one-third of the way up from the base of the curtain. Measure the full length of the curtain and divide by three. This is the distance you should place the holdback or tieback hook from floor level or the curtain hem. Drill holes into the window architrave at the one-third measurement you've determined, then screw the holdback or tieback hooks into place.

How to choose the right style of holdback or tieback

If you have a contemporary home interior style, then holdbacks can offer a more modern finish. For a more traditional aesthetic, opt for tiebacks made from braided cord. Some feature tassels to finish which can add an extra touch of luxury. Create a cohesive look by matching the materials or colours to your curtain hardware - e.g. coordinate stainless steel holdbacks with a stainless steel curtain rod. Keep in mind that eyelet curtains don't really require the use of curtain pullbacks, as this header style creates a curtain that stacks neatly together when drawn open.

Can I make my own curtain tiebacks?

If you can't find the right style of curtain tiebacks then you can absolutely make your own! At Spotlight, you can find a great range of curtain fabrics and decorator fabrics to create tiebacks in a range of styles. If you're making your own curtains then you can also make tiebacks from the same fabric for a sleek yet subtle finishing touch. You can also use ribbons, trims, lace, braided cords or even stranded beads to create unique tiebacks that perfectly match your design vision.

Shop Curtain Tiebacks & Holdbacks At Spotlight

At Spotlight we have everything you need to create stylish and elegant window furnishing solutions. From ready-made curtains to curtain fabrics, we also have a great range of curtain rods, curtain tracks and of course, tiebacks and holdbacks to complete your installation. Shop the complete range online and choose home delivery for your order, or pop into your local Spotlight store to make your purchases in person. Our complete guide on how to hang

curtains has some great tips and tricks for your new curtain installation. You can also explore all your curtain and blind options with our handy guide on choosing the best types for different rooms.



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