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Your Beginner's Guide To Floristry Tools

When you just start out in the world of floristry, the sheer number of available tools may seem overwhelming. To start into floristry, you need to get familiar with the basic tools, and more specifically how to select the right ones. So, lets take a look at the basic tools and the selection criteria you need to uphold when you make your purchase.

What Are Good Floristry Scissors?

Sharpness is one of the most important features when you purchase scissors for floristry. Of course, it is not enough to purchase a simple pair of kitchen scissors, as these are not strong enough to cut stems and other greenery you will use in your floristry.

When you become more proficient, you will notice that you like certain handles more than others. Therefore, purchasing a minimum of two floristry scissors can prove beneficial. It is especially recommended to buy models that are considerably different from one another. As such, you can determine your preferences earlier on.

What Knives And Cutters Do I Need For Floristry?

Much like floristry scissors, cutters and knives are some of the most used tools of the trade. Because they are used that often, you will discover cutters in many different sizes and designs.

Some florists go their entire life by not using a single knife and perform all their actions with multifunctional floristry scissors. That being said, knives and cutters sometimes provide more control than scissors, especially when dealing with odd shapes.

Even if you do not obtain knives and cutters for stems, you should still obtain a longer cutting knife for your floral foam. Sooner or later, you will be working with the material and you will find that cutting it with the appropriate knife makes everything so much easier.

What Are Strippers?

When you have little experience with floristry, you may wonder what strippers are. After all, they are constantly mentioned by people who tackle their own floristry projects. Of course, this term is used regularly for good reason, as this is one of the most convenient and helpful tools in your arsenal.

Strippers are used to remove foliage, leaves and thorns from flower stems. As you may quickly find out, removing them with other tools can be an arduous and lengthy task. With a stripper you can perform this task in minimal time.

For stem strippers, it is very much a case of one size fits all. While there can be certain variants out there, you will find that most of them perform the same function, so little consideration is needed when you make your selection here. That being said, you can find them in some fun designs. In other words, choose something you think is fun and matches your personality.

What Glue Will I Use In Floristry?

When you think about floristry, glue is often the last thing on your mind. However, once you begin in floristry, you will be surprised just how often you use glue for your projects.

There are various types of glue that can be used for floral projects. The most common are hot glue, spray adhesives, glue dots, PVA glue and floral glue. Evidently, floral glue will be the most suitable for the majority of projects, but there can be occasions where hot glue is better, for example, to make a bouquet wrap or add decorations to your arrangements.

Please note that hot glue should never be used directly on real plants. However, you can find an alternative in the form of cold floral glue. So, if you need to apply glue to the flowers to finish your design, be sure to take this into consideration and acquire some cold glue before you start your project.

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