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How To Clean Your Indoor Blinds - Your Guide To Cleaning Perfection

If you take pride in a clean home, getting your blinds clean and beautiful can be a source of frustration. Blinds can gather dust, and the little nooks and crannies can make it a little harder to achieve perfectly clean blinds. Fortunately, Spotlight has created a comprehensive guide to solve all your blind-cleaning problems.

What Is The General Method For Cleaning Blinds?

While your blinds may be a cause of cleaning frustration, getting them sparkling clean is easier than you might think. In fact, the only thing you need to clean your blinds properly is some water, vinegar and a microfibre cloth.

To prepare your cleaning solution, use one part vinegar and one part water. Dip your microfibre cloth into the bowl and wring it out until damp. Then, use the cloth to wipe down each of the slats. Please ensure you hold the bottom of each slat as you clean it.

What Is The Best Method To Clean Indoor Roller Blinds?

The method to clean roller blinds is quite similar to the previously mentioned cleaning method. However, instead of vinegar and water, we would suggest a mixture of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. Then, dip the microfibre cloth in the water and wring it out, leaving it slightly damp.

To clean your roller blinds, it is recommended to start at the bottom and do the cleaning process in sections. Clean in an upward motion until every section is clean. Also, please make sure to leave the blinds down until they are completely dry.

How Do I Clean Fabric Blinds?

Naturally, the method to clean fabric blinds is slightly different than those of wooden or plastic blinds. While there are certain tools available that could make the job a whole lot easier, there are some basics you can use to get your fabric blinds clean and pristine.

One of the biggest problems you will encounter with fabric blinds is dust. Naturally, you cannot wash your fabric blinds as you would do with other materials, as too much liquid could damage the fabric material. Instead, you can use a tool that can pick up dust, this may include a clean dust cloth or a dusting mitt. Then, wipe over each of the slats with the dust cloth or mitt to remove the dust and get your blinds clean and pristine.

Certain fabric blinds can be cleaned with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. However, always remember to be careful when it comes to using a vacuum on your blinds, this due to the fact that excessive suction could cause damage to your blinds.

How Do I Get Yellow Blinds White Again?

When you have blinds made from PVC or a similar material, it is not uncommon for those blinds to become yellow over time, this can be caused by smoking in the house or simply by not maintaining the blinds on a regular basis. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get those blinds beautiful again.

If you work with PVC blinds, there are two ways to get them shiny and white again. The first method involves a bucket of water and a small amount of bleach. If you rather not make this solution yourself, you could also buy some oxygenated bleach cleaner in store.

Please note, working with bleach can be dangerous. Always make sure you wear gloves when working with such chemical solutions. Once your hands are properly protected, you can wipe down the slats.

Are your blinds made from PVC and can you remove them completely? Add some bleach to a bath of water and let your blinds soak for fifteen minutes. Take them out and let them airdry for maximum result.

If you rather not work with bleach, try a mixture of lukewarm water and baking soda. Of course, you will have to wipe down the baking soda residue when you're done, so always follow this cleaning method with a regular clean, as described above.

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