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Enjoy Quality Pizza Pans From Spotlight

If you love to create homemade pizza, one of the keys to creating a delicious pizza is using a pizza pan to bake on. At Spotlight, we love to celebrate home cooking, and the right pizza pan can turn even the plainest pizza into a delicious meal perfect for sharing, or just enjoying on your own! Look for trusted brands like Wiltshire, Mastercraft and Al Dente to ensure you're getting a pizza pan you know you'll love

Why do you need a pizza pan for homemade pizzas

In order to cook the perfect pizza from homemade dough, you need to cook your pizza on a thin, sturdy piece of metal that can heat up quickly. Pizza pans are designed to do this, plus their shape will hold your pizza perfectly in place when placing the pizza in the oven and taking it out at the end.

Pizza Pans FAQ

What is a pizza pan?

A pizza pan is a circular baking pan designed for cooking pizzas in the oven. They are usually made of a metal like aluminium and are designed to handle very high temperatures while keeping their shape.

Do I need a pizza pan to cook pizza?

Technically you can cook a pizza on a regular rectangular baking tray or sheet, but you'll need to ensure the sheet isn't too thick or warped. There's nothing worse than a pizza with a soggy base! Baking trays with a lip can also make it difficult to remove your pizza once it's cooked.

Because a pizza pan is so thin, it heats up quickly and will ensure the bottom of the pizza is thoroughly cooked.

How to heat pizza in a pan

Did you know you can reheat your pizza in a pan on the stove? Start by cooking your pizza slice crust down in a frypan for two minutes to crisp up the bottom. Add a few drops of water on either side of the pizza (not on the pizza) and cover the pan with a lid. Reduce heat to low and allow the pizza to steam - this will warm the toppings and make the cheese nice and gooey. Now it's ready to eat!

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Find the right pizza pans at Spotlight

If you're ready to start cooking pizza at home, choose your pizza pan online, safely pay and we'll deliver your pizza pans straight to your front door. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right pizza pan for your needs. Make sure to consult our handy buying guides on bakeware, cookware and dinnerware to ensure you're making smart choices for your home. And for amazing baking ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on improving your cake-making skills, creating the ultimate birthday cake and making professional-looking icing for your desserts.



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