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A matching towel set can be just the thing to bring your bathroom together, and here at Spotlight we have a huge variety of bath towel sets to suit your home. Explore our range of bathroom towels online or in-store - we are bound to have the material, colour and style to fit your bathroom!

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How to Make the Most of a Bath Towel Set

Towel sets often come with three or four different kinds of towels - here's what they are, and how to use each kind effectively:

  • Bath Towel - the one you are all here for, the humble bathroom towel is commonly used to dry yourself after bathing or to wrap up your hair.
  • Bath Sheet - basically a much larger bath towel that you can wrap around yourself completely.
  • Bath Mat - smaller than a bathroom towel, this mat should be placed next to your shower or bath where you get out. It stops the floor from getting wet and will help prevent you from slipping over as well.
  • Hand towel - this small towel is great for drying hands, and is especially important if you plan on having guests over - you might not mind drying your hands on a bath towel, but it can be awkward for others!
  • Face washer - small and square, face washers and perfect for cleaning and drying your face. Having a dedicated towel for your face will stop oils and bacteria from other bath towels from getting on your face.

Handy Towel Tips

Choosing a bathroom towel for your home can be hard, as there are a lot of variations out there! Here are some things to look out for:

  • GSM - this stands for grams per square metre and is an indicator of how dense and plush a towel is. Towels that fall between 200-400 gsm are good for the gym or as a tea towel. Standard bath towels will be between 400-600, while luxury bath towels will be between 600-900 gsm.
  • Ribbed - this refers to the design of the towel, which will be either partially or entirely ribbed across its surface. A ribbed surface can feel nice on your body, or you may prefer a flat towel - it's up to you which design you choose.
  • Egyptian - as well as GSM, the quality of material can affect how your towel will feel against your skin. Egyptian cotton is softer, more durable and higher quality than regular cotton, so bath towels made out of it are always lovely.

What Else Can I Find in the Range at Spotlight?

  • Bathroom Accessories: need a little something for your bathroom? You can probably find it in our bathroom accessories range, where you'll see tumblers, mirrors, bins and more.
  • Kids Bathroom: make bath time more fun for everyone with our kid's bathroom Choose from towels featuring their favourite characters and cute gloves and loofas to entice kids into getting clean.
  • Bathroom Storage: is your bathroom becoming a little too busy with all your pumps, brushes, bags and bowls? Tidy up with some of our bathroom storage options and never knock over a bottle again.

Find the Right Towel Collection at Spotlight

Shop our entire range of beautiful towel sets online or visit us in-store today, where our lovely staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect towel set.



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