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Sew To Perfection With A Dressmaking Mannequin From Spotlight

One of the best ways to up your sewing game, whether as a new or experienced sewer, is through the use of a dressmaking mannequin. A dressmaking mannequin, also known as a dressmaking dummy or a dressmaker's model, will help you to see your handmade clothes on a 3D body shape, which is particularly good as it allows you to examine your sewing project from different angles. Sewing mannequins are also super useful for making sure you have an even hem.

The Features Of A Dressmaker Mannequin

A dressmaking mannequin has many useful features to help you create an accurate outfit or single piece of clothing, including a sturdy base, adjustable waist, hip, bust, torso, neck and height. Many are also modular, allowing them to be taken apart for easy storage.

Most dressmaker mannequins come in small, medium and large sizes to allow you to find the perfect-sized dress mannequins for your creation.

Dressmaker Mannequins FAQ

What are dressmaking mannequins?

A dressmaking mannequin is a standing model used by sewists to create clothing. It allows a seamstress to create accurately-sized clothing on a 3D figure, allowing them to see how fabrics drape and layer together on a human-sized model.

Are dressmaker's mannequins adjustable?

Some dressmaking mannequins are adjustable, but others are more akin to the ones you see in stores that are one size only. Adjustable mannequins have visible dials or toggles at the chest, waist and hip areas, while non-adjustable dressmaker mannequins have a smooth, uniform surface - these are mainly used for displaying clothing, rather than creating them.

Will a dressmaking mannequin match my own measurements?

While dressmaking models are made with regard to common sizing requirements, these can never be as accurate as the genuine body form of the intended wearer. To ensure the perfect fit, it is always recommended that you take measurements before you begin your project. Also, please remember that the plastic mechanisms inside of your new adjustable dummy can be quite fragile, and you should not use excessive force when you are adjusting measurements.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Dressmaking Mannequins At Spotlight

No matter your sewing skill, we have the dressmaking mannequin to suit your needs! Whether you are at fashion design school or enjoy some sewing at home, find the right dressmaking model for you from our range. Buy online and have your mannequin home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to view the range of dressmakers mannequins in person. Want to increase your sewing skills with Spotlight? Read our blog on improving your sewing skills, as well as our guides on sewing needles, sewing machines and lining and interfacing.



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