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At Spotlight you can find all the essential curtain hardware to complete your window makeover. Whether you're updating one room or the whole home, chances are you'll need curtain hooks to correctly hang your curtains. We have curtain split rings, pencil pleat curtain hooks, pinch pleat curtain hooks and more, all specially designed to correctly hang your preferred style of curtains. Spotlight's curtain rings are suitable for blockout curtains, sheer curtains and room darkening curtains across a variety of different curtain header types. Shop the range of curtain hooks and rings at Spotlight, where you can find the right curtain hardware in small packs and bulk packs alike to complete any new curtain installation.

What Types Of Curtains Need To Be Installed With Hooks?

Pleated curtain styles all need to be hung on rods or tracks with the right curtain hooks. This includes pinch pleat curtains, pencil pleat curtains and s fold curtains. The hook is designed to sit in the back of the curtain and connect to the bottom or a curtain rod ring or glider in a curtain track. Eyelet curtains and rod pocket curtains can be installed directly on a rod - no extra hardware, or accessories required!

Curtain Hooks & Rings FAQs

Pinch pleat hooks vs pencil pleat hooks: what's the difference?

Though the names sound a little similar, the correct hooks for pencil pleat curtains and pinch pleat curtains are quite different. Pencil pleat curtains require the use of gathering hooks, which are smaller and designed to loop through small pockets in the back of a pencil pleat curtain. Pinch pleat hooks are much longer, most commonly found with a two prong design. They're designed to slide into a permanently stitched slot at the reverse of each pleated section in the curtain.

What are the different curtain hook types and their measurements?

Curtain hooks and curtain rings come in a few different size varieties:

  • Pinch pleat hooks come in minus 8mm, level, 13mm, and 25mm size options. These measurements are not the height of the hook, but are instead the distance from the back of the hook to the top of the curved section. This means that a 25mm size pinch pleat hook will raise your curtain 25mm above where the hook sits in the track glider, and a minus 8mm size will lower the curtain accordingly.
  • Gathering hooks come in 28mm and 32mm sizes, and these measurements refer to the hook height. 28mm gathering hooks are ideal for lighter weight sheer pencil pleat curtains, whereas the additional height of 32mm gathering hooks provides security when used with blockout curtains and room darkening curtains.
  • Curtain rings can be used in conjunction with any curtain that uses gathering tape on the back. They're best suited to use with narrow conduit rods which are typically used for sheer curtains. Curtain split rings are a great way to help curtains glide along a rod. The sizes of curtain rings refers to the ring diameters - you can find split rings in 16mm, 22mm and 25mm diameter sizes.

Should I use plastic or metal hooks for my sheer curtains?

When it comes to hanging pencil pleat sheer curtains, plastic nylon gathering hooks are a great option. If you have light coloured curtain sheers, the white tone of the hooks will tone in beautifully. Better still, you can launder your sheer curtains without removing the nylon hooks first - making spring cleaning a breeze!


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