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Nothing beats cast iron when it comes to versatility in the kitchen. Shop great value cast iron cookware including cast iron pans & cast iron pots at Spotlight.

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Experience The Quality Of Cast Iron Cookware With Spotlight

Elevate your cooking experience with amazing cast iron skillets, pots and pans from Spotlight. With its amazing durability, high heat capacity and easy upkeep, cast iron cookware is a must-have in every kitchen for cooks of every experience - look for trusted brands like Culinary Co. for cast iron cookware built to last.

Why Cast Iron Cookware Is Better

Cast iron cookware is loved by both novice and experienced cooks for its many amazing qualities, which include:

  • Durability - there's a reason you can always find second hand cast iron pots and pans at garage sales, antique shops and second-hand stores. Cast iron cookware lasts (practically) forever! If you're lucky enough to be passed down from your family, you can almost be certain you'll be able to pass down the same pan to the next generation. When properly seasoned, your cast iron won't bend, chip or break from everyday use and storage.
  • Stays hot for longer - it may take a while to heat up, but once your cast iron cookware is hot, it will stay It also emits a lot of heat, making cooking through thick meals like pasta bakes, casseroles and even roasting meat a breeze.
  • Non-stick coating when seasoned - once your cast iron pan has been seasoned, the non-stick coating will allow you to cook almost anything without having to add extra oils or fats. As long as you preheat your cast iron cookware before use, you shouldn't have any problems with food sticking.

Cast Iron Cookware FAQ

What is cast iron cookware?

Cast iron cookware is heavy-duty cookware made from iron with at least 2% carbon. Cast iron cookware commonly includes regular pots and saucepans, as well as skillets, griddles, woks, dutch ovens and sandwich presses. Cast iron cookware is usually seasoned to create a protective nonstick surface by both modern manufacturers and customers.

How to season a cast iron pan

With a clean, dry cast iron pan, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the entire surface you want seasoned. Wipe with a cloth to create a very thin but complete layer. Heat the pan on a high heat, past the smoke point - this creates the non-stick layer. Once the pan has cooled, wipe with a cloth and repeat as needed.

How do you clean cast iron cookware?

If you have correctly seasoned your cast iron cookware, it shouldn't need more than a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any excess food. Mild soap can also be used if needed, but avoid very harsh cleaning tools like steel wool. Don't panic if you see little black shreds coming off your pan as you clean it - these are most likely old bits of forgotten burnt food, rather than your precious seasoning.

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Find The Right Cast Iron Cookware At Spotlight

If you're ready to commit to your new lifelong partner - your cast iron pot or pan - then choose the right one with Spotlight. You can browse the cast iron cookware range online, pay your way and have your order home delivered in no time. Or, drop into your nearest Spotlight store to choose your new cast iron cookware in person! Make sure to check out our buying guides on cookware and kitchen utensils to ensure you are making the right purchase choices for your home. And for helpful dining and kitchen ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on panty organisation, year-round tablescaping and outdoor dining.



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