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How do I choose the best iron?

Using a quality clothes iron makes ironing out the wrinkles in your clothes and shaping the fabrics that you're sewing much easier and gets the job done quicker than using a cheap iron.

Most cheap irons are lightweight, which may seem like a good thing to some, but when it comes to irons this means you'll be applying a lot more pressure to smooth out the wrinkles and creases from your clothes, which translates to more work and effort on your end.

More expensive irons typically also use more durable coatings for its soleplate or baseplate. The coating on the soleplate allows the iron to heat up more evenly and quickly. It also determines how easily it can glide across different types of fabric.

You'll also want a good steam function that puts out a good amount of steam whenever you need it. Combine a reliable steam function with a quality soleplate that heats up quickly, and your ironing chores will seem like a breeze.

Whether you've got piles of laundry or just your own personal clothes to iron every week, a good iron can save you lots of time and frustration, making it feel less like a chore. A good clothes iron can also help give your sewing projects a more polished look and allow you to quickly manipulate any fabric into a more manageable shape.

What other clothes iron features should I be aware of?

More expensive irons will typically offer more features than a regular low-cost steam iron. Some of them are listed below.

Auto shutoff

An auto shutoff feature automatically turns off the iron whenever it is not in use. This can not only save electricity, but also minimises the chances of accidentally ruining your clothes with burn marks. Most auto shutoff irons will automatically turn off the heat when it is left in the vertical position for a couple of minutes, while others will also automatically shutoff even in the horizontal position when it hasn't been moved for a few seconds.

The Oliso Smart Iron offers an even more sophisticated solution to prevent scorches and burn marks on your clothes using a touch activated mechanism that automatically lifts up the soleplate away from the surface of the ironing board or your clothes whenever you take your hands off it.

Vertical steam

Some clothes irons can also produce steam in the vertical position so that it can also remove wrinkles from curtains or delicate fabrics that need special care like silk. Unlike a true steam iron which continuously generates steam, you'll typically have to repeatedly press the steam button on clothes irons that have a vertical steam function.

Special coatings

Special coatings on an iron's soleplate can affect how well it glides over your clothes and fabric. Basic models will typically have aluminium soleplates which look like a dull grey metal and will grip the fabric more. Stainless steel or ceramic coated soleplates are typically more durable, heat up faster and glide over fabrics much more smoothly.

What ironing accessories can I buy from Spotlight Stores?

Aside from clothes irons for your clothes and sewing projects, you can also find ironing boards, ironing board covers and baseplate or soleplate cleaners here on our online store or at any of our retail store locations. We also carry lots of laundry baskets and storage solutions so you can organise and carry your wrinkle free clothes with ease.



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