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Shop versatile loaf pans & bake the perfect bread or sweet treat at home. Shop loaf pans available in different sizes and materials at Spotlight.

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Bake Like A Pro With Loaf Pans And Tins From Spotlight

Want to create delicious loaves of bread you can enjoy every day? Start the process with a quality loaf pan from Spotlight. With single large and mini loaf pans available, you're sure to find the perfect loaf pan for your needs here. Look for trusted brands like Wiltshire and Mastercraft to ensure you're getting a loaf tin you know you'll love from day one!

The Kinds Of Loaf Tins You Can Find At Spotlight

We have a useful range of loaf tins for you to choose from! Look for features like:

  • Heavy base: Thick and extra durable, loaf tins with a heavy base will last you the test of time.
  • Box-sided: This simply means your loaf pan has sharp corners like a box, rather than rounded corners.
  • Silicone: Most loaf pans are made from aluminium or ceramic, but silicone pans offer a light and flexible option you can try. Their only downside is that silicone doesn't conduct heat very well, so your loaves won't brown as much as they would in a loaf tin made from metal.
  • Crusty bake: These loaf tins have perforated walls that allow any excess moisture to escape and help the entire surface of your loaves brown and crisp up wonderfully.

Loaf Tins FAQ

What are loaf tins?

A loaf tin is a rectangle-shaped baking tin designed for baking pastries, meats, jellies and more in the oven. Loaf tins have high sides and are designed to conduct heat well, so any loaves are properly browned and can rise up high.

What are loaf pans used for?

Loaf pans are used to bake foods in the oven like plain bread, banana bread, meatloaf and lasagne, as well as make desserts like ice-cream cake and jelly. Any baked goods that require height are great to create in a loaf tin!

What to make in mini loaf pans

Mini loaf pans are like muffin pans but with deep, rectangular wells instead of round ones. You can make mini versions of all your favourite foods, like mini meatloaves, ice cream cakes, pâté and jellies. Check out our confectionary projects for heaps of fun recipe ideas you can make in our loaf tins.

What Else Can I Find in the Baking Range At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of handy baking accessories for baking with, including:

  • Pizza trays: Create crispy pizzas with perfectly cooked interiors using the right pizza tray from Spotlight.
  • Muffin pans: Make scrumptious muffins and cupcakes in any of our handy muffin pans, available in metal and silicone varieties.
  • Cake tins: Bake perfectly cooked cakes for any occasion using our round, square, springform and bundt cake pans.

Browse the full range of baking pans and trays for any other oven trays you could need, and make sure to check out our comprehensive bakeware collection for all your other bakeware supplies!

Find the right loaf pans at Spotlight

Discover the loaf pan range online, where you can pay your way and have your loaf trays home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to choose your bread loaf pan in person. Make sure you are making the best possible purchases for your home by consulting our buying guides on bakeware, cookware and dinnerware. And for fun baking ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on creating the ultimate birthday cake, upping your cake-baking game and creating professional-looking icing on your desserts.



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