Hue and Me Sliding Door Throw Pillow Project



  • 'Lion Brand' Hue + Me 125g, 2 skeins Shadow for colour MC, 1 skein Werewolf colour CC1, 1 skein Haze colour CC2
  • Size 6.5m crochet hook
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure
  • 40cm cushion insert


Approx 40 x 40cm.


11 sts + 6.5 rows = 10cm in treble crochet


Pillow is worked flat in back and forth rows in two panels which are then seamed. Turn at the end of each row. While traditionally triple crochet uses 3 turning chains at the beginning of each row, this pattern only uses 1 chain which keeps the edges cleaner and easier to seam without leaving holes. To change colour, work the last yarn over of the previous stitch with the new colour. When changing to a contrast colour, the main colour will be "carried" by simply laying it on top of the row below and crocheting over it in order to bring this yarn along to the point where it will be used again (this technique is known as tapestry crochet). Chart is provided for colour work. Chart is read right to left on odd rows and left the right on even rows. Pillowcase is slightly smaller than pillow insert so it can be stretched taught over it.


Panels (make 2):

With MC, ch 41. Refer to chart for colour work or follow instructions below. Chart is read right to left for odd numbered rows and left to right for even numbered rows.

Row 1 (RS): Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, tr across row with MC. (40 sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, tr across row with MC.

Row 3: Ch 1, tr 22 with MC, tr 12 with CC1, tr 6 with MC.

Row 4: Ch 1, tr 6 with MC, tr 12 with CC1, tr 22 with MC.

Row 5: Ch 1, tr across row with MC.

Row 6: Ch 1, tr 10 with MC, tr 12 with CC2, tr 18 with MC.

Row 7: Ch 1, tr 18 with MC, tr 12 with CC2, tr 10 with MC.

Rows 8-19: Rep rows 2-7, two more times.

Rows 20-23: Rep rows 2-5, one more time.

Row 24: Ch 1, tr across row with MC.

Fasten off.

Secure and weave in all ends. Seam 3 sides of pillowcase, then insert pillow and seam final side.


Cut eighty 30cm lengths and eight 46cm lengths of CC2. Divide the 30cm lengths into four groups of 20. Tie each bundle at the middle point with one of the 46cm lengths. Fold each bundle in half so that the tie is at the tip of the loop created with the fold. Tie crosswise around each folded bundle about 1"/2.5cm below the top of the fold with the remaining 18"/46cm lengths. Wrap the tails of the ties around and around the bundles and then thread them inside and down the middle of the bundles with a tapestry needle. Tie the tops of the tassels onto the four corners of the pillow and knot to secure. Thread the tails inside and down the middle of the tassels using a tapestry needle. Trim tassels to desired length.



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