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What are room darkening fabrics?

Room darkening fabrics are specifically designed to be used with curtains and draperies. These fabrics are also known as triple weave blackout fabrics because they are woven using three different layers of fabric. Usually, the middle layer is black and is responsible for blocking out most of the light that passes through it while the two outside layers have the same colour or print design to give the fabric a more decorative look.

What is the difference between room darkening fabrics and blockout fabrics?

Compared to blockout fabrics that are designed to block out close to 100% of light, room darkening fabrics can only block out roughly 90% to 95% of light. Blockout curtain fabrics are also made out of three different layers of fabric but with the addition of a foam coating or foam back which allows it to completely block out almost all of the light passing through it.

What are the benefits of using room darkening fabrics?

Room darkening fabrics for curtains and draperies can be very useful for blocking out the light in bedrooms and nurseries because it lets you sleep more peacefully during any time of the day without having to be bothered by sunlight or the glow of street lights and other artificial light sources. Room darkening curtains are especially ideal for people who do shift work and need to sleep during the day or frequent travellers who have trouble sleeping because of jet lag.

Room darkening fabrics can also be beneficial for living rooms, media rooms or home offices where you're staring at a screen for long periods of time because they can cut out any unwanted glare coming from outside. You can easily make your living room or media room feel more like a movie theatre with room darkening curtains and make the pictures and colours coming out of your big screen TV or projector really pop.

Room darkening fabrics are also much heavier than regular curtain fabrics, which give them very good thermal insulation properties. This means it won't let outside heat or cold into your home, and can make your air conditioner work more efficiently.

Compared to lightweight fabrics like polyester which can easily catch on fire from just a small spark or flame, the heavier fabric used in room darkening curtains requires really high temperatures before it starts burning. Of course, its natural fire retardant properties are no match for curtain fabrics that have been treated or coated to be flame retardant for special applications. But for home or even commercial use in hotel rooms, room darkening fabrics are a much better alternative to using highly flammable fabrics for your window curtains.

What curtain fabrics does Spotlight Stores offer?

Here at Spotlight Stores we offer a wide variety of curtain fabrics to fit every need. Aside from room darkening fabrics, we also have blockout and thermal curtain fabrics in many different designs.

We also offer stylish curtain fabric options such as elegant jacquard fabrics, delicate sheer fabrics and printed curtains with different designs and graphics, which include superhero and cartoon character designs specifically for kids. We also sell curtain fabrics with plain solid colours, as well as lining fabric for curtains.

For those who don't want to sew, we sell Magic Drapes which already comes lined with heading tape and eyelets. All you have to do is hem the fabric to length and you'll have your own custom set of curtains.

Of course, you can also check out our huge collection of pre-made curtains which are all ready to hang and can spruce up any space in your home.

What curtain accessories can I find at Spotlight Stores?

We offer everything you need to either hang curtains around your home or make your own curtains from scratch.

Check out our huge selection of curtain rods, tracks, hooks, curtain rings, tie backs, braided cords and tassels. Aside from curtains, we also sell different types of window blinds.



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