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If you're looking for a sewing machine that can do all the work for you, consider a computerised sewing machine over a manual one. At Spotlight, you'll find great value digital sewing machines from leading brands including Singer, Elna and Brother. Elevate your sewing journey with a digital sewing sewing machine that will make your project come to life!

What Are Computerised Sewing Machines?

Computerised sewing machines have many amazing features built in, such as a very high number of different stitches, digital screens, automatic needle threading, a start/stop button and the option to leave your needle in the up or down position (keep in mind every digital sewing machine may have its own set of special features). They often run smoother than a manual sewing machine, although you may need to be somewhat tech-savvy to get the most out of an electronic sewing machine!

What Should I Look For In A Computerised Sewing Machine?

If you have decided to try out a computerised sewing machine, how do you pick one from the wide range that is out there? Here are some amazing features we think you'll love in an electronic sewing machine that you should look out for:

  • Automatic needle threader- if you have poor eyesight, shaky hands or just want to get sewing quickly, an automatic needle threader will make your life a lot easier! You'll have to wind your needle through a couple of hooks before the threader will partially pull the thread through the needle for you. Then you just pull on the created loop to bring the rest of the thread through the eye. Easy!
  • Automatic needle up/down - in a manual machine, the position the needle stops at will depend on your foot pedal. In a computerised sewing machine, you can decide if you want the needle to finish up or down with the simple push of a button. Having the needle down is useful for keeping your place in a project if you're taking a break or if you're working with slippery fabric and need to raise the presser foot.
  • One-step buttonhole styles - the basic one-step buttonhole is always handy, but if you want to branch out some digital machines offer different kinds of buttonholes. The keyhole, bound and round end are just a few of the many buttonhole types that are out there, and you can have great fun trying different button styles on your clothing!
  • Thread cutter - a machine with an automatic thread cutter will lower the needle into the fabric, and then cut the top and bottom threads when you push a button. This will save you time and let you get onto the fun part of sewing faster!

You can also find computerised embroidery machines with similar features.

What Other Sewing Materials And Tools Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Bobbins - these handy little spools are what you wind the thread around and place under your needle, and you'll always need a few of them! We have a lovely range of plastic and metal bobbins for you to choose from.
  • Dress fabrics - create shirts, dresses, shorts and any other clothes using our gorgeous apparel fabrics, available in a huge range of colours and styles!
  • Sewing patterns - our sewing patterns will guide you through every step to create some truly gorgeous clothing.

Find The Right Computerised Sewing Machine At Spotlight

Make sewing easier with any of our amazing computerised sewing machines! We have many of the world's best brands here, including Elna, Singer and Brother computerised sewing machines. Browse the full range online, where you can easily make a purchase and enjoy convenient home delivery to receive your order. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our lovely staff will help you choose the right digital sewing machine for your needs. For more help choosing a sewing machine, read our handy buying guide here! And for some wholesome sewing inspiration, why not check out our interview with plus-size seamstress Jess, or this handy article on sewing for beginners?



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