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Create An Organised Kitchen & Pantry With Stylish Canisters

If you like to have a place for everything and everything in its place, then canisters are a stylish kitchen storage solution that allows you to clearly label and easily access all your essential ingredients. Canisters and food storage jars also have tight-fitting seals to ensure that your coffee, tea or sugar stays fresh and dry! Canisters are the perfect way to keep everything that you need for that all-important AM caffeine boost immediately to hand. At Spotlight, you can find metal canisters, clear glass jars for food storage, and styles that feature bamboo lids. Discover a range of sizes, styles and capacities in the range today!

Canisters FAQs

How to clean canisters

The best way to clean your kitchen canisters is to hand wash them in warm water with dish soap. Glass jars are generally fine to wash in the dishwasher, but wash the corresponding metal or bamboo lids separately by hand. Always check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the best method of cleaning. It is important to ensure that your canister is dried fully before storing it away or refilling it. If there is still water remaining inside, it may ruin goods such as coffee or sugar.

What can I store in my new canisters?

Some of our selections of canisters are clearly labelled so that your most frequently used items are on hand at all times. Pick the whole range and store tea, coffee, sugar and even utensils in a matching set that will complement your kitchen decor. Alternatively, choose one of our plain canisters to store just about anything you like! Dried goods such as pasta and rice are a common choice, as well as baking ingredients like flour, nuts or dried fruit. Canisters are also a great way to store your pens, sewing supplies, or craft materials - everything and anything that you want to be able to keep organised and easily accessible!

How to choose the best canisters for your kitchen & pantry

Pick a tea, coffee and sugar canister in a range that is in line with your kitchen's style or choose a vibrant design that will add a splash of colour. Our range also features a choice of canisters that are unlabelled, ready to be filled with just about anything that you like. It's also a great idea to check the capacity of the canister, and make sure it will hold all the quantity of ingredients you usually purchase.

What Other Kitchen Storage Items Can I Discover At Spotlight?

When it comes to organising your kitchen and pantry, Spotlight has everything you need in our kitchen storage range! Find the perfect containers for leftovers with our selection of food storage containers, and complete your pantry fit-out with the range of practical pantry storage containers. You can also find kitchen organising trays & shelves for pantries and fridges, ideal for keeping all your essentials accessible and in sight!

Shop Kitchen & Pantry Canisters Online With Spotlight

Spotlight is your one-stop shop for kitchen canisters and kitchen storage! Shop the complete range online and choose home delivery for your order, or head into your nearest Spotlight store and make your purchases in person. Check out our handy guide to Organising Your Pantry, where you can find excellent storage tips & tricks for your kitchen. Spotlight VIP members also enjoy access to VIP discounts, early notification of sales events and more - so if you're not already a member, make sure you sign up today!



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