Tea Towels

Tea towels are a kitchen & food prep essential. At Spotlight you can shop for cotton, microfibre & linen tea towels in a range of colours & pack sizes.

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Introduce Style & Practicality to Your Kitchen With Tea Towels

Tea towels are a versatile kitchen accessory, and are used to dry dishes, hands and even countertops. Spotlight has a wide variety of materials, colours and textures to choose from when it comes to tea towels and kitchen towels. Often printed and decorative in nature, they're also a great way to add to your kitchen decor and make beautiful and practical gift ideas for loved ones.

What Kinds Of Tea Towels Can I Find At Spotlight?

Whether you're looking for plain white tea towels or printed tea towels, Spotlight has you covered! Aside from a great range of printed tea towels with stripes or florals, we offer a selection of materials including cotton tea towels, linen tea towels, terry tea towels and microfibre tea towels. Sold separately and in packs, you're sure to find the right design and fabric for all your kitchen cleaning needs.

Tea Towels FAQs

How to store tea towels?

The key to storing tea towels neatly is folding them multiple times so they stand up in a basket or your kitchen drawer. This ensures easy and convenient access while maximising storage space. Follow these 4 easy steps to store your tea towels:

  • Fold the towel lengthwise to create a long narrow rectangle.
  • Fold it the short way so that the rectangle becomes half as long.
  • Then, fold the towel into thirds.
  • Make sure the towel can stand on its own, and repeat for the remaining tea towels.

How to wash tea towels?

It's important to regularly launder your tea towels as they can become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. Wash your tea towels in separate batches on the hottest wash recommended for the fabric type. Be sure to stock up on a few packs so you always have plenty on rotation

What's the best material for tea towels?

Cotton, cotton terry and linen are the traditional materials used for tea towels, as they are highly absorbent. The unique shape of linen fibres also makes linen tea towels ideal for drying and polishing. On the other hand, synthetic microfiber towels are quick to dry and are great all-rounders. Consider having a range of tea towels made from different fabrics for different purposes in your kitchen.

What other kitchen linen can I find at Spotlight?

Practical and stylish, our complete range of kitchen linen will ensure your hands, outfits and surfaces all stay clean and protected! At Spotlight you can also find:

  • Oven Gloves & Mitts: Be safe when handling hot items with convenient oven mitts and oven gloves that also add to your kitchen decor style.
  • Kitchen Aprons: Keep your clothes mess-free when cooking with a stylish kitchen apron.
  • Pot Holders: Protect your benchtops with a pot holder that can withstand hot cookware.

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