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Serve refreshing drinks to your guests with our selection of water jugs and bottles at Spotlight. Shop beautiful serving jugs and bottles online now.

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Stay Refreshed With Water Serving Jugs And Bottles From Spotlight

Serving your drinks in the right container goes a long way to helping your guests feel refreshed! You can find a huge range of beautiful serving jugs and bottles right here at Spotlight, from amazing brands like Wiltshire and Culinary Co. From stylish glass carafes to homely ceramic pouring jugs, we've got some of the best water serving bottles in Australia for you to choose from. Perfect for parties, dinners or just afternoon tea, make every drink special with the right jugs and bottles from Spotlight!

A Serving Jug Or Bottle For Every Occasion

No matter the event, we've got a serving jug or bottle you can use to dispense all sorts of delicious drinks. Enjoying a casual outdoor picnic? Use plastic jugs to provide the family with water, soft drinks and juice. Family dinners will benefit from a glass carafe, so everyone can pour themselves water without having to go to the kitchen sink. Having friends over? Provide some stylish glass bottles with lids so everyone can pour their own drink easily. Or are you hosting a formal sit-down dinner event? Fill some elegant glass bottles with water at each table for your guests to use at their leisure.

Water jugs and bottles FAQ

What is a water jug?

A water jug is a glass, ceramic or plastic vessel used for holding and pouring drinks out of. While water is the most common drink they are used for, they can be filled with juices, smoothies, cocktails, milk or soft drinks as well. Water jugs usually have a handle to facilitate pouring, or at least they will be sized appropriately if they are to be poured without a handle.

What are barista jugs?

Barista jugs are small, metal jugs with a spout and handle used by baristas to heat and froth milk for coffees. They are also called milk jugs. They can get very hot when milk is being frothed, but are easy to clean and very durable. Barista jugs are often used in conjunction with a milk-frothing thermometer so the milk isn't burned.

How do I clean a narrow glass bottle?

Glass bottles with narrow necks can be hard to clean by hand - using a bottle-cleaning brush is the best way to do this. If you don't have one, you can fill the bottle one-fifth of the way with rice, add some water and dish soap, cap the bottle and then shake it. The rice will 'scrub' the inside of the battle for you! Then empty the rice and rinse the bottle out until clean.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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  • Drink dispensers: Make pouring cocktails, soft drinks, punch and more a breeze using our large drink dispensers. They're ideal for celebrations, where you want guests to have easy access to drinks you have made yourself.
  • Teapots: Brew the perfect cup of tea in any of our beautiful little teapots. Green, black, white or herbal… it's easy to enjoy your favourite tea when you've got a quality teapot on hand - plus a cup and saucer!
  • Barware: Mix drinks like a pro using Spotlight's great range of quality barware. Cocktail shakers, stylish glasses, ice cube trays and wine stoppers can all be found here.

Find Stylish Water Jugs And Bottles At Spotlight

Ready to choose your serving jugs and bottles? Pay online and we can deliver your bottles and drink jugs to your address of choice. Otherwise, drop by your nearest Spotlight store to pick up your glass water bottles and drink jugs in person. Make sure to consult our buying guides on drinkware, servingware and cleaning and storing glassware before making your purchases. And for fun ideas and event inspiration you can use your new water, juice or cocktail jugs for, read our blogs on setting up a home bar, hosting a high tea and throwing a Hawaiian-themed party at home.



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