Ruby Adventure Scarf Project



  • 4 Seasons Marvel 12ply 100g balls:
    - 1 Main Colour (MC) Coral
    - 1 Contrast Colour (CC) Wild Orchid
  • 1 pair 5.50mm knitting needles or size needed for correct tension.
  • 1 x 8.00mm knitting needle for casting on edging.
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure


Width (approx) cm 15
Length (approx) cm 90


17 sts and 23 rows to 10 cm over stocking st, using 5.50mm



Cut a strand of waste yarn approx 60cm long. Using 8.00mm needles and MC, make a slip knot and place it on the needle. Holding the strand of waste yarn beside the slip knot, bring MC under the slip knot and over the needle from front to back. Bring MC in front of waste yarn. Repeat this step until 26 sts have been cast on. Leave waste yarn in place for edging worked later. Change to 5.50mm needles.

Using MC, 1st row - * K1, P1, rep from * to end.

2nd row - * P1, K1, rep from * to end. ** 3rd row - Moss 2, K10, moss 2, K10, moss 2.
4th row - Moss 2, P10, moss 1, P10, moss 2.
Rep 3rd and 4th rows for 10cm, ending with a 4th row.
Rep 1st and 2nd rows once. **
Rep from ** to ** until work measures approx 85cm from beg, ending with the 2 rows of moss st. Break off MC. Using CC, work 4 rows stocking st.
Picot cast off - Cast off 2 sts, * slip rem st on right hand needle onto left hand needle, cast on 2 sts, then cast off 4 sts, rep from * to end. Fasten off rem st. Slip sts from waste yarn onto 5.50mm needle. Using CC, work 4 rows stocking st. Work picot cast off (as before).

FLOWERS (make 8 or as many as desired)

Using 5.50mm needles and CC, cast on 31 sts. Work 2 rows stocking st.

3rd row - K1, (cast off 5 sts) 5 times.

Break off yarn leaving a long end. Run end through rem sts, draw up leaving yarn attached. Using yarn attached sew the two ends together to form a circle, do not break off yarn. Thread yarn across from one petal to the next,pulling all the petals close together. Sew a flower to centre of alternating rectangles as pictured or as desired.



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