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Is it tricky to stand in the shower due to the slippery surface? Spotlight's non slip bath mats are here to help! Shop shower mats & bath runners now!

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Can I purchase shower mats and runners at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. In this range you will mainly find the very useful anti-slip mats that can be used on the surface of your shower tray or in the bath, to stop you slipping. Many people find that having these simple and inexpensive PVC mats make them feel much safer when standing in the bath or shower. Sanitary ware can get slippery when products such as shampoo, shower gel, or body wash are used, so protect yourself with these handy mats.

How do these mats work?

The bath and shower mats, which are made from rubber or from PVC, create a non-slip surface in your bath or shower to stop you from slipping on a wet or slippery floor. The rubber mats have a non-slip surface at the bottom, while the PVC mats have small suction cups to prevent them from moving. Simply pop them down before you start your shower or before you start filling the bath. When you have finished your bath or shower, it is recommended that you take up the mat and hang it over the edge of the bath or shower cubicle to let it dry. This prevents mould from forming.

How can I maintain my anti-slip bath or shower mat?

If your mat becomes dirty or covered in residue of soap and bath products, you can normally clean it with hot water and a mild household detergent. Some mats can also be washed in the washing machine, but please check individual product labels to see if your mat is suitable for this treatment.

You can use a washing-up brush or a nailbrush to clean between the edges of the suction cups if you like. Eventually, the mats will deteriorate, but if you look after them they should give you many months or even years of use before you need to replace them.

What else is included in the range?

As well as the non-slip mats in this range, you will also find an extra-long bathroom runner here which is ideal if you prefer a long mat in front of the bath. Measuring 50 cm x 153 cm long, this mat will cover nearly the full length of your bath and will leave you plenty of space to put your feet on when you get out! Available in a range of colours.

Does Spotlight sell other bath mats too?

Yes, simply look for our bath mats range which includes bath mats and contour mats in a wide range of colours, styles and designs to use in your bathroom. They are just a small part of our huge bathroom collection, so why not browse our pages today and treat yourself to some new bathroom accessories, towels or even a stylish new shower curtain? It will brighten up your bathroom and make bath time fun. At these prices, you can afford to change your bathroom accessories, and save the expense of a complete bathroom make-over.



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