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Keep your liquid soap stylishly contained with one of Spotlights beautiful soap dispensers. Also ideal for shampoo and lotions, shop our range today!

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Can I purchase soap dispensers at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Soap dispensers are invaluable on the side of wash basins and baths, on kitchen sinks or anywhere where you want to wash your hands around the house. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from natural stone, bamboo, ceramic, stainless steel and acrylic refillable soap dispensers in a variety of colours and designs, to match your bathroom or bedroom decor, or to coordinate with other accessories in your home. Most dispensers are also suitable for lotions and/or body wash.

Why use a soap dispenser?

Most of us are familiar with soap dispensers in public places, such as restrooms. The reason they are used here is mostly one of hygiene: if many people use the same piece of soap, bacteria can transfer via the soap from one person to another. This is much less of an issue with soap dispensers, as your hands only come into contact with the amount of soap you are using. It also stops people from taking pieces of soap away, and the soap dispensers often have a larger capacity than a bar of soap.

Although these issues may not be important in your home, many people do like to use liquid soap, and that means that soap dispensers are now available in a large range of designs for use around the home. You can choose from freestanding soap dispensers, but there are also models which can be stuck to the wall on a tiled surface near a wash basin or in a shower.

What types of soap can I use in a soap dispenser?

There are many different types of liquid soap on the market. At home, you can vary the soap depending on the location, for instance by using an anti-bacterial liquid soap in the kitchen and using a luxuriously perfumes liquid soap in the bathroom or a guest WC. You can even make your own liquid soap - instructions on how to do this can be found online.

You may also like to have a nice hand lotion available in a dispenser - just make sure that if you have both liquid soap and lotion in dispensers near a washbasin, people may use the wrong one, which is not ideal.

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom accessories as well?

Yes, you will find a wide range of bathroom accessories at Spotlight. As well as soap dispensers, think of toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders, and tumblers, with most being available in matching designs for a coordinated look. Other items for the bathroom such as storage, shower curtains, mirrors and towel rails, can also be found here.



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