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Can I purchase Timber and Papier Mache from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. This selection includes a range of shapes that would be ideal for Papier Mache crafts. Children will love decorating these items, making their own papier mâ -ché - creations or simply to create their very own personalised project. Whether you are looking for letters to create stunning personalised wall art, animals, storage boxes, or any other shape to papier mâ -ché -, then we are certain that you will find the base that you need amongst this fantastic selection.

What can I do with these Timber and Papier Mache tools from Spotlight?

Get creative with our range of plain papier mâ -ché - shapes and bases! Papier mâ -ché - is a fun way to do some crafting with the little ones, and they will love manipulating this gloopy and messy delight. Whether you are hoping to create your own storage boxes, statement pieces, or home decor items, these fabulous range of timber and cardboard shapes will provide you with the perfect base for your project. These would also be great items for doing your very own decoupage creations. Cut out pictures from magazines, cards, tissue paper or anything else then paint and smooth over with layers of PVA glue or varnish. Make your very own home decor items, you could make photo frames, books ends, or just about anything else with these fabulous items from Spotlight.

How do I Papier Mache?

The first step when making your very own papier mâ -ché - creations is to cover your workspace in garbage bags, as it can be a bit messy, particularly if you are crafting with children. If you are doing papier mâ -ché - with a flour paste (2 parts flour to 2 parts water and optional glue), then we recommend adding salt to preserve your projects. The easiest way to papier mâ -ché - is with a glue paste, two parts white glue, such as PVA glue, to one part water. Stir the mixture fully using a disposable stick such as a lollipop stick. You may need to repeat your stirring process as the mixture can separate.

There are lots of different materials that you can use to papier mâ -ché -, including paper towels, magazine paper, printer paper, or newspaper, which is the most popular option. Tear your material into strips, these do not need to be uniform and can be all shapes and sizes. Dip the strip of paper into the paste then apply to your base shape, ensuring that any bubbles are smoothed out.

We recommend that you allow each layer to dry fully before applying the next, it can take a while, but this will help to prevent mould growth and keep your project looking better for longer. If you are hoping to paint your project, acrylic paints or poster paints allow for even coverage that will maintain its vibrancy for longer. When you are have finished, and your item is completely dry, paint or spray with a varnish or sealant to prevent the paper from bubbling underneath. Papier mâ -ché - is a fun, messy project and it is a great way to express yourself! The only limit is your imagination! Find all the supplies that you need for your papier mâ -ché - creation at Spotlight, with fabulous deals and guaranteed low prices across the range.



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