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Spotlight has a wide range of kitchen appliances designed to make cooking a pleasure and keep your kitchen looking stylish. Shop kitchen appliances online now.

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Today's households require new kinds of kitchen appliances that cater to the needs of everyone, from busy, health-conscious individuals to highly creative home chefs. That's why our select range of kitchen appliances facilitates speedy food preparation, while ensuring everything tastes delicious and is good for the whole family. At Spotlight we stock appliances from leading brands such as Mistral and Tefal.

What kitchen appliances can I find in the range?

Discover our wide range of kitchen electrical appliances to make home life easier! This includes:

Our kitchen cookers, which include air fryers and mini ovens, are designed using the latest innovations in frying, roasting and baking, leading to healthier dishes that aren't saturated in excess oil and fat. We have blenders and juicers for whipping up your favourite shakes, smoothies and other liquid concoctions that can deliver all the energy and nutrition you need in one tasty hit. And don't forget our coffee grinders and kettles that allow you to indulge in a café lifestyle at home for a fraction of the cost. We also have small appliances like toasters, sandwich pressers and microwaves to make quick and tasty meals whenever you need them. Additionally, all our kitchen and cooking appliances have been chosen for their combination of high quality and low price tag, so you're always getting the best value for your money.

Kitchen Appliances FAQ's

What kitchen appliances do I need?

Kitchen appliances can really help you live the lifestyle that you want. For health conscious and active lifestyles an air fryer and blender makes preparing healthy meals and smoothies easy. For families, create hearty meals with a slow cooker and invest in a great microwave and toaster to keep everyone's hunger at bay. For those short of time, a great sandwich press and mini oven can make preparing food quick and easy. Discover more about which kitchen appliances are best for you with the comprehensive Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide.

How to arrange kitchen appliances on your kitchen counter?

Depending on the size of your kitchen, it is best to arrange frequently used appliances neatly on the countertop and around a powerpoint, keep appliance cords tangle free and appliances against the wall when not in use. For less used appliances, use a cabinet or shelf.

How to dispose of kitchen appliances?

For appliances in working condition, consider donating them to your local charity or drop off point. For appliances no longer working, recycle your waste with an e-waste partner, check with your local council for details in your area.

How to clean kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances require gentle cleaning, use a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid to wipe down the exterior. Certain appliances require extra care such as emptying the crumb tray of the toaster and cleaning the blade of your blender. Always read the care instructions.

What Other Kitchen Accessories and Essentials Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Kitchen storage - keep your kitchen drawers and pantry neat and tidy with our handy storage containers and trays. We have organiser trays, dish racks, air-tight containers and storage jars available in a great range of colours, sizes and value packs
  • Baking tins and racks - create delicious pies, tarts, cakes and slices with our extensive range of baking tins and racks. We have enamel and non-stick varieties available to suit your baking needs!
  • Kitchen linen - find everything you need to cook safely here. We have a great range of tea towels, oven mitts, aprons and potholders in all sorts of colours and patterns.

Browse the full range of our kitchen essentials catalogue online!

Find The Right Kitchen Appliances Online or In-Store

Want to know more about the must-have cooking appliances for modern kitchens? Take a look at our buying guide for tips on getting the right kitchen appliances for maximum mileage. Ready to purchase? You can use a variety of payment methods to buy your kitchen machines and small appliances online. Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different appliances available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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