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Perfect Your Food Preparation With Quality Chopping Boards

Spotlight stocks a wide variety of chopping, cheese and serving boards in various shapes and materials for kitchen-to-table transferability - so get chopping! When it comes to food preparation, boards of all persuasions should be high on your list. Buying just one board won't do - this is a case where multipurpose isn't feasible because your boards need to be used for one purpose (and one purpose only) to avoid hygiene issues such as cross-contamination of bacteria.

What Is The Difference Between A Cheese Board And A Chopping Board?

True to their name, chopping boards are for chopping or dicing food ingredients. The kind of chopping board you use comes down to the specific task. For example, wooden chopping boards are fibrous, which means they won't blunt your knives but they can also trap minuscule food particles. Don't use wooden chopping boards for meat - opt for plastic chopping boards instead, and consider getting a suite of coloured plastic boards so you only chop chicken on the board designated for chicken, fish on the one for fish and so on.

Keep your wooden chopping boards in tip-top condition by making sure they are wiped down properly with a soapy sponge and then allowed to fully air-dry. Another effective cleaning method is to mix one part white distilled vinegar with four parts water, spray it on the wooden board, leave it to stand for five minutes then rinse.

Plastic boards can be put in the dishwasher for proper sanitation and cleaning.

Generally speaking, cheese boards are wooden serving boards designed to present cheese platters and accompaniments such as fruit, pastes and crackers in a visually appealing way. You'll find cheese boards in paddle shapes, rectangular and circular, and many different sizes too. Some may look like a wooden chopping board but it's best to reserve cheese platters solely for your table presentation so they look hygienic and pristine.

Cheese boards can often be purchased as part of cheese and knife sets, so you've got everything at hand for the perfect cheese platter. These sets are also popular gifts, especially for newlyweds or as housewarming presents for the person who may have it all.

Clean your serving board as you would a wooden chopping board.

Chopping And Cheese Board FAQs

What is the hole in my chopping board for?

You may notice some chopping boards have a hold at the end, either in the middle or in one corner. You can use this hole to help you hold the board, or even to hang it on a hook or peg for storage. But the real reason this hole is there is to help you transfer your chopped food into another vessel!

How many times have you tried to scrape chopped onions and garlic into a pan, only for half of it to miss the pan and end up on your stove? Chopping boards featuring a hole can help end this problem! Simply position the hole over your pot or pan and scrape your chopped food through the hole, where it will neatly fall into your vessel. It's that easy!

Is wood or plastic better for chopping boards?

Both wood and plastic chopping boards have their own benefits - we actually recommend you have one large wooden chopping board and two smaller plastic chopping boards! Wooden boards are gentler on your knives and kill bacteria that make their way into them, plus they look really nice! However, they need to be hand washed, and sometimes bacteria will stay inside cuts made into the wood.

Plastic chopping boards can be washed in the dishwasher and are much lighter and easier to work with, but they can blunt your knives if you're not careful.

How do I present a cheese board?

Cheese boards not only taste amazing, but can be a real visual treat if arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. There is no set way you need to arrange a cheese board, but remember these tips: things look better in multiples of three, add colour using berries and fruits, and make sure to leave enough room for people to cut their cheese on the board!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Chopping And Cheese Boards At Spotlight

At Spotlight we'll have the right cheese or chopping boards for your needs. Make food preparation a breeze with quality chopping boards which help you slice, dice and prepare delicious meals. Browse online, pay quickly and have your serving and chopping boards home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and our team will help you find the right chopping blocks and boards for your needs.



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