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All the beach gear and accessories you need

Come rain or shine, we've got the life and leisure gear to accommodate unexpected weather conditions but, on those perfect summer days, here are the beach essentials that every family needs at their disposal.

Beach chairs

Sitting on the sand all day can be taxing on the legs (and rear end!) so having a purpose-built beach chair will give you comfort, staying power and ensure you don't sink.

Beach umbrella

Similar to a beach chair, the perfect beach umbrella will help make long days on the beach more enjoyable, not to mention protecting your family's skin from the harsh sun.

Beach bags and baskets

When others are running down the beach chasing their stuff in the wind, you'll be pleased you stowed all your little bits and bobs - like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and magazines - in beach-friendly bags and baskets.

Cooler boxes and bags

Once you're on the beach, you won't want to leave, so sorting out your lunch, snacks and drinks in cooler boxes and bags will be a popular decision once the munchies hit.

Beach towels

It goes without saying that you'll want a beach towel or beach mat for your day on the foreshore. In fact, you may even want two - one to lie on, and one to wipe you down after a refreshing dip in the waves. The kids will love it if they have a special kids towel of their own or beach accessories with playful designs or featuring popular movie or TV characters.

Beach wagons

Once you're loaded up with all your beach accessories and equipment, you'll thank your lucky stars if you have a beach wagon. A beach wagon will help you lug all your stuff from the car to your beach site - and back again - without tearing a muscle.

The secret to making a big splash at the pool

Many of the accessories that make the beach better can also be used around your pool, especially when it comes to sun protection, but there is one thing that takes the backyard pool experience to another level: pool inflatables.

Pool inflatables are equally loved by the kids and the kids at heart. For instance, a giant ride-on unicorn or eggplant emoji can just as comfortably be used for games and energetic pool activities as lying back with a cocktail in one hand.

Find the right beach gear and accessories at Spotlight Australia

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