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The Right Baking Tools & Equipment For The Trade

There are a number of baking accessories that will help make your baked goodies a smashing success - including novelty baking moulds, spatulas and various decoration items - but no baker should even think about starting a recipe without having a selection of bakeware tins, baking pans and baking sheets of varying sizes as part of their toolkit. You can choose the perfect baking tin on its own, or opt for a useful baking set featuring several different trays of the same material.

Baking Equipment FAQ's

What baking equipment do I need?

Essential baking equipment to get started includes the basics such as:

Other baking essentials include a bench mixer or food mixer with an array of attachments to help you beat, fold and whisk like a professional, a flour sifter to ensure your dry ingredients never clump and you create superior cake batters every time, pastry brushes for glazing and applying melted butter or just brushing away excess icing sugar, and skewers to poke your baked goods to see if they're ready to come out of the oven.

What material is best for which type of baking?

When purchasing bakeware, you'll be presented with an array of materials. So which materials should you be choosing? It really depends on what you intend to bake.

  • Metal - light-coloured or shiny metal bakeware is best for even browning, whereas darker-coloured metals can cause over-browning (unless you'd like a dark crust on your baked bread). Aluminium is better for conducting heat than stainless steel but storing foods in aluminium could result in the food taking on a metal flavour.
  • Glass - given glass conducts heat extremely well, it can increase the likelihood of sugary recipes burning but, on the flip side, glass is fantastic for dishes where browning is less important.
  • Ceramic - similar to glass, ceramic bakeware is excellent for conducting heat but can over-brown sweet dishes. What's great about ceramic is it often looks good and can be transferred from oven to tableware without needing to decant its contents.
  • Silicone - don't let the floppy texture of silicone fool you into thinking it will melt in the oven, it can withstand high temperatures and ensure the removal of your baked delights easily without sticking. Silicone bakeware is a poor conductor of heat so don't choose this material if browning is important.

We have baking sets that contain matching trays made of the same material, so if you discover a baking tray you love, consider buying a baking tray set that you'll get lots of use out of. Discover more food preparation and kitchen appliances online that you can complement your baking with!

Metal vs silicone bakeware

Metal bakeware is better for heat conducting, even cooking and browning, whereas silicon cookware is great if you're worried about sticking. Both are great options depending on your baking needs. Silicon may be better for puddings where browning is not a requirement, whereas metal is best for crisping and high heat baking.

How to store baking tools and equipment?

For larger trays, nest them together and store them in a cupboard, same with mixing bowls. You can try some cosboard racks to maximise your space. For baking tools and accessories, if you have the space, dedicate a drawer to them, or a plastic storage box is great for keeping them organised and in easy reach.

Find The Right Bakeware and Baking Supplies At Spotlight

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