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The difference between bath sheets and bath towels

When comparing bath sheets to bath towels, the main difference is size. There might be slight variations in sizing between manufacturers - maybe one to three centimetres difference, for instance - but, for the most part, bath sheets measure around 80cm wide and 170cm long while, on the other hand, bath towels are smaller, measuring around 70cm wide and 140cm long.

Because of their bigger size, the larger surface area of a bath sheet makes them more absorbent than a bath towel, and there's nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself in a sumptuous bath sheet after a bath or shower when the weather's cold. Bigger members of the family will also appreciate the added width and length that bath sheets offer.

Furthermore, bath sheets are great for privacy if you're in a public or communal shower setting, and the versatility of bath sheets means they're big enough to double perfectly as beach towels - ideal for modesty and sun-smart sunbathing!

Things to consider when choosing bath sheets

Look for bath sheets made from 100% cotton for their durability and fuss-free care routine.

Bath sheets hang much lower than regular bath towels when placed on a towel rack, so you will need to make sure your rack can accommodate their length. Additionally, because of their size, they can take a bit longer to air-dry than regular bath towels. They're also generally a little more expensive than other towels, due to the extra material required to create a bath sheet.

While bath sheets are fantastic for wrapping around your body, they're not as easy to wrap around wet hair. Even better than a bath towel, consider getting a bathing hair turban specifically designed for wrapping around and drying wet hair without putting unnecessary strain on your neck.

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