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Shop a Range of Sewing Machine Feet At Spotlight

We have sewing machine feet from brands such as Singer, Elna and Brother to match your sewing machine, as you should always use a presser foot from the same brand as your chosen machine. Whatever you are trying to achieve with your sewing machine or overlocker, find the right feet for your project.

What Is A Sewing Machine Foot?

The foot for sewing machines is the small plate that keeps the fabric flat as your feed it through your sewing machine, allowing the needle to pass through safely. There are many, many different kinds of sewing machine feet suited to making different kinds of stitches, and each major sewing machine brand creates its own feet to be used especially with their machines.

What Kinds Of Sewing Machine Feet Can I Find At Spotlight?

There are many different kinds of sewing machine feet you can find - here are some of the styles we stock at Spotlight:

  • Walking foot - a sewing walking foot is one that has its own feed dogs underneath, giving you precise control of how the fabric moves through. It's very useful when working with light and stretchy fabrics like knits to stop them from stretching out of shape, and for thick quilts with multiple layers to ensure all layers move through at the same time.
  • Blind stitch - also known as a blind hem foot, this sewing machine foot can be used to make a hem that is barely visible, and is really good to use with fabrics that have a pattern or obvious weave, as your nigh-invisible hem will blend right in.
  • Piping foot - as the name implies, a piping foot allows you to easily create pretty detailing on the hems and edges of your clothing. A piping foot makes it easy to keep your piping even, as it cannot slide out of position as you feed through the material.
  • Zipper foot - attach clothing zippers with ease using this handy sewing machine foot! It has a little gap on the side for the zip itself to rest, and you can sew evenly along one side of the zip and then the other, creating stitches that are nice and close to the zip itself.

What Other Sewing Tools And Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

  • Mini sewing machine - our mini sewing machines are great for little sewers or for those who want a small, portable machine that does the job. We also have a selection of handheld sewing machines for making small repairs on the go.
  • Sewing machines and overlockers - find your favourite brands of sewing machines and overlockers here! We have a great range for you to choose from, including computerised and manual sewing machines for beginners and experts alike.
  • Sewing machine parts - you can find extra add-ons and repair pieces for your sewing machine here. Keep your sewing machine in pristine condition with any of our oils and brushes!

Find The Right Sewing Machine Feet At Spotlight

You can purchase your sewing machine feet online enjoy the convenience of home delivery or visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person. If you're keen to sew but a little unsure of how to begin, have a read of our guide to sewing for beginners, as well as this useful guide on how to make a half square quilt. Don't forget to explore the range of FREE sewing projects to get inspired today.



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