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Clay is a popular crafting material. Children often work with clay during their primary school years, but even adults like to make some unique clay sculptures and even home decor items from clay. At Spotlight, you can find an array of clay modelling supplies including modelling clay, modelling tools, modelling moulds, modelling blades and much more. Find air-dry clay and oven-dry clay varieties for your crafting needs. Make earrings, little dishes, figurines and more crafty creations with clay at home. Clay is also great for developing fine motor skills and promoting sensory development for children and is widely used in schools. Check out the great FREE clay project ideas online at Spotlight such as:

Clay Modelling FAQs

What techniques are used when working with clay?

There are four basic techniques you must master when you start working with clay. Fortunately, these techniques are relatively simple, and you probably encountered most of them as a child.

  • Pinching is the first technique you can use to make a model out of clay. During the pinching technique, you will use your fingers to mould a single piece of clay into the desired shape.
  • Another technique is the slabbing technique. During this technique, you will roll the clay and turn it into a flat sheet, much like when you make a pizza or a pie crust. Once the clay is flat, you will cut the slab and use the different parts to assemble your construction.
  • Clay can also be worked with through the coil technique, this is where you roll out long strings of clay and twist them into a specific shape, this can be a coil or another shape you have in mind.
  • Finally, more advanced crafters can attempt the pottery wheel technique, this is where the clay will spin on the wheel, enabling you to create items such as a vase or a port.

Do I need a lot of tools to work with clay?

You do not need many tools to work with clay, as most of it is done manually. Of course, if you want to make more advanced shapes, you will require a pottery wheel.

Some small accessories and tools are usually enough to create your first clay model, these can be things that are present in your home already, e.g. plastic bags, sponges, and popsicle sticks.

Is modelling clay safe for kids?

Children should be supervised with using clay products. Modelling clay is widely used in schools and for activities at home and is safe for kids, precautions should be taken to avoid consumption of clay products.

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Spotlight provides an extensive range of clay as well as some useful tools for all your clay-related projects. We also provide additional supplies for modelling in general, so it is more than just working with clay alone. Featuring quality brands such as Sculpey and Crayola, you can trust Spotlight for low prices and reputable brands. Check out our extensive catalogue today and benefit from our great prices. Shop online or in-store at Spotlight for all the craft supplies you need. Find your nearest store today or order online to get your products conveniently delivered. Shop more craft supplies and art supplies such as jewellery making supplies and resin art supplies for all your creative endeavours. For more inspiration, head over to the Ideas blog today.



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