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A Beginner's Guide To Drawing Supplies

So, you love drawing and you want to start creating a portfolio? You are probably thinking about getting some professional supplies to get great results. But how do you get started and which supplies should be obtained by beginners? We aim to answer all those questions and more with this convenient guide.

Is there a difference between art pencils and regular pencils?

You will quickly find out that there is a big difference between normal school pencils and art pencils. Professional and graphite pencils can make the creation of shadows a whole lot easier, and you do not have to use much force to get the shade you want. If you use the same standard pencil, you won't be able to create such results.

What art pencils do I need as a beginner?

When you take a quick look at available art pencils, you will notice they all have their own numbers and distinct looks, at least when you look at the lead of the pencil. While it is not necessary to get all the numbers in terms of pencils, you do need to get a range to ensure you can create a proper drawing.

The most used pencils by artist have numbers that lay between 6B and 6H. To understand the differences between pencils, you can take one of each and create a line on a piece of paper to notice the difference. B pencils are made with a softer lead, while H pencils are made with a harder lead. Evidently, this changes the result you obtain on paper.

To give pencils their numbers, manufacturers will use the graphite scale. This scale can easily be found online and can be used to select the most suitable pencils for the artwork you are trying to create. As you get more proficient, it will be easier to pick the right pencil from the start.

Most people start their drawings with a 2B pencils, which seems to be the easiest to work with. That being said, you may develop your own preference when you start experimenting. Therefore, we recommend getting a multipack of drawing pencils with at least one 2B pencil to start experimenting and determine your own preference.

Which paper is best for beginning artists?

Just like the pencils you use, paper can have a massive influence on the results you obtain. While you may not use the most expensive or the best paper when you get started, being informed about the various types of paper will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run.

While it may be tempting to start drawing on larger paper, a lot of beginners have problems with proportions and the placement of their subject on paper. Therefore, some simple A4 art paper is the best place to start.

While A4 paper is recommended, we do not advise making your first drawings on printing paper. As you may know already, printing paper can be treated and is generally thinner than art paper. To create shadows on this kind of paper, you would have to be an incredibly experienced and lucky artist. On the flipside, printing paper does allow you to experiment a little with the different kinds of pencils and general drawing techniques.

When you feel comfortable to do so, we suggest getting a proper drawing pad. Drawing pads have various benefits. They give you a central location to keep all your drawings, but you can also use the drawing pad to make some sketches on the go. If you are creative, you know that inspiration can strike at any point. With a drawing pad, you are always prepared.

It is likely you will have to make corrections when you start experimenting, so be sure to acquire a proper eraser as well. There are various types of erasers that are popular among artists, this includes the regular eraser and kneaded erasers. Both give you a fair amount of control, but most seem to prefer the kneaded erases. The latter can also be used to create some marvellous shadows and other effects on paper.

Creative supplies at Spotlight

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