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Make Home Magical With The Right String Lights & Fairy Lights

We commonly associate string lights with the holidays, but their use is no longer limited to the Christmas season! Many people obtain string lights to add more atmosphere inside or outside their home, so these lights can make the entire year a little more festive.

At Spotlight we're delighted to offer you a great variety of decorative lights, from delicate golden fairy lights and colourful small LED lights to large Edison-style bulb string lights that can suit any fun occasion.

Why You Need String And Fairy Lights In Your Life!

Whether you're setting up your verandah for Christmas lunch or sprucing up your teenager's bedroom decor, some cleverly-placed string lights can turn any space from drab to fab!

Decorative lights can create a warm and cheery atmosphere in an otherwise rather grim room, such as a rumpus room or a bare corner of your backyard, and they are also useful for highlighting decor in a space you've put a lot of love into, like the bottles of a home bar or the shelves of your mini library.

Decorative String Lights & Fairy Lights FAQs

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor string lights?

There are some differences between indoor and outdoor string lights, so always check to make sure you have obtained the correct fairy lights. Indoor lights would be unsafe to use outdoors (they won't always be waterproof) and vice versa, so always use the right type of lights when decorating.

Customers should consider possible hazards before hanging up their string lights, especially if the lights will be put in a home with pets or small children. If possible, please keep string lights out of reach of children and pets, due to choking and trip hazards. If not, do not leave the lights unsupervised when children and pets are nearby.

How can I make a light wall with fairy lights?

A wall of fairy lights makes for a fantastic focal point and photo opportunity for any space. How you attach them will depend if you want them there permanently (say in a bedroom) or just for a short while (like for a birthday party). Permanent methods include using nails, glue or hooks (like those you would use to hang pictures) to suspend your fairy lights with. Non-permanent methods include command hooks, pressure-sensitive adhesive and tape.

You may also need an extension cord to assist you in hanging the decorative lights exactly where you want.

What are the different types of string lights?

String lights are available in various shapes and sizes these days, so you will find many different options when you shop for string lights at Spotlight! Some of our most popular brands for fairy lights include Dorcy and Cooper & Co.

  • Straight line string lights: are usually the type of string lights that provide you with the most versatility. The lights are scattered across a straight cable, which means you can easily drape them in a location of your choice. The light bulbs on straight line string lights can be variable, including normal small bulbs or bulbs in special shapes such as stars, balls, snowflakes, skulls, and much more. If you are looking for a selection of novelty string lights, you will undoubtedly find it in the straight line string lights section.
  • Net lights: Another great option to decorate your home is a selection of net lights. These string lights hang vertically from the wire in a diagonal pattern - this provides a net-like look for the fairy lights. Most people use net lights on the inside of their window frames - this provides the window with quite a festive look. Of course, net lights are also popular as a wall decoration, especially amongst teens.
  • Curtain lights: are often confused with net lights, since the lights also hang vertically from the wire. However, net lights have a diagonal pattern, while curtain lights hang straight down from the wire. The use of curtain lights is quite like net lights, since they are also used on the inside of window frames or walls. In some cases, the longest versions of curtain lights are used as room separators.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Decorative string lights are just one of the many home decor accessories you can find at Spotlight!

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Find The Right Decorative String Lights At Spotlight

Almost any space can be improved with the right string or fairy lights, so find yours today at Spotlight! Discover your new decorative lights online, where you can pay your way and have them home delivered in no time! You can also visit your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right string lights for your space. If you need more advice on home decor and home improvement, check out the Candles & Home Fragrances Buying Guide and the Home Decor Cushions Buying Guide to help you shop.



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