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Transform Any Room In Your Home Into A Sectioned Haven With Room Dividers

Large furnishings options such as room dividers and bedheads provide a low-maintenance approach to instantly elevating your space. Room dividers and screens allow you to section off rooms in your space, creating distinct areas. Great for studio apartments or for dividing larger rooms, these room screens also bring a sense of privacy to any space, allowing you to cover any clutter. Bring height to your walls with room dividers and bedheads.

Revamp Your Bedroom With Ease Using Stylish Bed Heads

Frame your bed and revamp your bedroom decor by adding a bedhead to your bedding arrangement. A bedhead is perfect for introducing an artistic accent to your bedroom and further completes your bedding setting. With multiple size options and designs available, bedheads provide an artistic background to your bed, contributing to your overall décor theme.

Room Dividers, Screens & Bed Heads FAQs

How to use a room divider

  • To section spaces: Room dividers are designed to create sections in a space, separating areas to create an organised haven. For open spaces and studio apartments, room dividers can be used to section off rooms allowing you to create easily identifiable rooms. Used mostly to separate sleeping areas from lounge areas, a room divider is a stylish approach to creating a homely living space. A folding room divider is perfect in cases where you prefer an open space however at times would like to separate areas. A folding room divider is easier to store and adds a stylish, layering touch to any space.
  • To elevate your home styling: Available in a range of colours and styles, use room dividers to elevate your space and complement your home styling. Simply display your room divider in any corner or up against walls in your space to introduce a captivating decorative feature to your interior décor. Some room dividers feature lively mandala designs that allow light to seep through the design, creating an artistic showcase of light and shadow.
  • To add privacy: For spaces where curtains and blinds are not an option, consider incorporating a room divider into your space for a sense of coverage. Room dividers not only separate sections but also act as a privacy partition, allowing you to rest, relax and change clothes in peace. When shopping for privacy room dividers, consider those that don't allow light to slip through for added security. Position room dividers in corners for a changing area or against windows to block the view from outside your space.

How to decorate a room divider?

A white room divider sets the perfect backdrop for colourful décor pieces. Install wall art next to a white room divider for a balance between neutral hues and colourful textures. Incorporate greenery into your room dividers, hanging artificial ivy of wreaths from the corners of your room divider for a touch of nature. You may also illuminate your room divider with fairy lights for an alluring beauty. Some room dividers require no additional decoration due to their unique designs. Display artistic mandala room dividers in any space for a stunning decorative piece.

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