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Can I purchase bathroom mirrors at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Mirrors are an important addition to any bathroom, shower room or WC and give you the opportunity to check your hair, apply or remove makeup, shave or make sure your tie or scarf are correctly positioned. In addition, mirrors can add light to a bathroom and make a small space feel larger, too.

What type of mirrors can I use in the bathroom?

There are many types of mirror that can be used in the bathroom - here are some ideas:

Wall mirrors:As the name suggests, these mirrors are hung or screwed onto a wall and mainly remain in the same place. They can be framed or frame-less and can be any size you like, from a small square to a complete mirror wall.

Hand mirrors:These small, portable mirrors are ideal for on top of a dressing table, shelf or work surface. They often have a stand, and some can incorporate a tray for your jewellery, contact lenses or other small items.

Enlarging mirrors: Enlarging mirrors are a great feature if you need to be able to see detail and are often found in bathrooms or bedrooms. They are helpful when you are applying make-up or shaving. You can also find them beside wash basis, often on an extendable arm, which means you can angle them just right to get the best light and view.

Illuminated mirrors:Often seen in hotels, illuminated mirrors have lights built in behind or around the mirror to create extra light where you need it. Ideal for bathrooms that have little or no natural daylight.

Demisting mirrors:These mirrors are designed to remove the mist or fog that often attacks a mirror when a lot of steam is produced during bath or shower time. They, like illuminated mirrors, will need an electricity supply and should only be installed by a recognised electrician.

Can I make my own demisting bathroom shower?

If you suffer from a mirror that mists up regularly when you use the bathroom, you will know that wiping it with a towel does not always produce the best result. Some people swear by giving their mirror a quick blast with the hairdryer, while others wipe shower gel, toothpaste or even vinegar over their mirror surface, and then remove it with a clean, dry cloth. This can help you to stay mist-free for several weeks. Car demisters and lens cleaner have also been used.

Does Spotlight sell mirrors for other areas of the home too?

Yes, you can find small and large mirrors here that are practical and decorative and can be used in your living room, bedroom, hallway or other areas of the home. Take a look at our range of mirrors today!



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