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Add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor with decorative trays at Spotlight. Shop decorative bowls and elevate your living space.

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Elevate Your Home With Decorative Trays And Bowls From Spotlight

It's the small things that tie your home's decor together, and the right decorative bowls and trays can allow these small trinkets to really shine! Bowl and tray home decor is the perfect way to fill those empty spaces on your surfaces, with bowls and trays working to compartmentalise your decor and keep it from looking messy. Whether on your coffee table, dining table or side table, decorative bowls and trays are a must-have for serious home decorators!

Popular decorative trays shapes and designs

Our decorative bowls and trays come in a bunch of interesting and elegant designs, including:

  • Natural wooden bowls and trays: These wooden bowls are a warmer colour and are smooth to the touch. Wooden decorative trays and decor bowls bring a rustic, homey look to your space and won't show fingerprints after use, making them very easy to keep clean.
  • Elegant glass and metal trays: Made from polished mirrored glass with metal accents and handles, these trays and bowls are gleaming, modern and perfect for holding your best glassware for drinks.
  • Rough cement bowls: Made from cement poured into a mould, these rough, textured decor bowls are suited to boho, nautical and industrial-themed spaces.
  • Bohemian round metal and plastic trays: These light, colourful trays feature intricate designs on their surface and are light and easy to move when needed.

Check out our home decorating category for more decorative products perfect for every home.

Decorative trays and bowls FAQs

How to style a decorative tray

Decorative trays can be styled on any flat surface that can accommodate them. Coffee tables are a great surface for a decorative tray, while decorative bowls can be used on smaller surfaces like side tables and shelves - try to pick materials that aren't the same as the surface they're resting on, so your decor bowls and trays will stand out. Use round decorative trays for square tables and rectangular or square trays for round tables.

What to put on a decorative tray

You can use decorative trays to hold different things, depending on what surface they are on. Decorative trays on coffee tables are a useful way to organise your things without making the table look messy - pop packs of coasters, books, magazines and remotes/controllers can all find their home on a tray. Or, use it to hold decorations like vases of flowers, crystals, shells or candles.

Can I eat off of decorative bowls?

We recommend not eating off decorative bowls and trays unless the food is in some sort of wrapper. Decorative trays and decor bowls are not treated to be food-safe, meaning the materials used to make the tray and bowl may leech into your food.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can enjoy a wide range of home decor at Spotlight, including:

  • Vases: These vases are gorgeous enough to display empty, but of course they're created to hold all sorts of plant stems and flowers!
  • Clocks: From modern digital clocks to elegant Roman numeral analogue clocks, we're sure to have a clock to suit your space here.
  • Mirrors: From small portable mirrors to full-length body mirrors, our range of sleek, polished mirrors has something for everyone.

And don't forget our huge range of decorative ornaments to fill all the blank spaces in your home.

Find the right decorative trays and bowls at Spotlight

Found some bowl and tray home decor you love? Make your purchase online and we'll deliver your decorative bowls and trays straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect decor bowls and trays for your space.

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