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Print out your best photos and group them together with a beautiful collage photo frame. Discover the range of collage & multi photo frames online.

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Display Your Photos Cohesively With Collage Photo Frames

Spotlight has a huge variety of collage photo frames with space for as few as two pictures to more than a dozen different prints. Some frames can hold photos in a horizontal or landscape orientation, while others have openings for portrait photos. You can also choose between collage frames that stack photos on top of each other or ones that display them side by side. If you can't find the exact layout you have in mind, you can always turn the collage frame on its side to switch it from a portrait configuration to a landscape one, and vice versa.

We have collage photo frames that hold prints in just one large frame that has multiple mat openings, as well as multiple individual frames that can be arranged together to create one large collage. The latter type typically uses a combination of portrait and landscape frames to create a more interesting and dynamic look. The frames are available in a variety of styles and finishes. You can also choose between photo frames made out of wood or plastic. We have frames with clean-painted finishes in different shades, as well as traditional wood finishes. For a more rustic or vintage look, we also have shabby chic-inspired collage frames that have distressed wood finishes.

Collage Photo Frames FAQs

What is a collage photo frame?

Collage photo frames are a type of picture frame that provides space for more than one photo. These are also known as multi-opening photo frames because the frame mat or the paper layer beneath the glass has more than one opening so that you can lay multiple pictures underneath.

Collage photo frames allow you to easily display all your favourite photos that you've collected over the years, and create photo essays that tell interesting stories about your life and your adventures. For a lot of people, filling up walls with a couple of their favourite pictures is much easier than having to choose one photo that you still have to enlarge. You can also easily swap out old photos for new ones as you continue to live your life and create new memories.

What can I put inside a collage photo frame?

Our collage photo frames have openings for standard photo sizes. You can get these print sizes from any professional photo printer or you can print them out yourself from your home printer using photo paper.

Instead of actual photographs, you can also mount printed designs or inspirational words inside these photo frames. You can mix these in with your regular photos to reinforce a theme or message that you want to convey.

Do collage photo frames make good gifts?

Collage photo frames are great gift ideas, and are particularly good housewarming presents and anniversary gifts. You can give the photo frame by itself, or mount a couple of photos inside the frame before wrapping it up for a truly unique and personalised gift that will make anyone feel special.

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Here at Spotlight we also have lots of regular photo frames, poster frames and certificate frames to choose from. Compared to our selection of collage frames, these photo frames are designed to hold just one photo of a particular size. These photo frames also come in a larger variety of sizes and frame designs. You can buy photo frames for regular sized photos, as well as very large prints that you can proudly display on your walls. Frame designs range from simple painted frames for a clean and minimalist look to more elaborate baroque-inspired frames, distressed wood finishes and shadowbox frames. We also have photo frames that are sold in sets so you can have matching frames for your collection of pictures. Whatever photo frame type you're looking for, find it at Spotlight along with more home decorating essentials such as wall art, home decor cushions and cushion covers, lamps and lighting and ornaments. For more home styling ideas and inspiration, check out the Ideas Blog and some great articles such as Wall Decor Ideas - How To Hang Wall Art At Home and more. Spotlight is your destination for everything you need to Create, Celebrate and Decorate everyday. Don't forget to join the VIP club for exclusive specials, check out the catalogue for the latest offers and visit a store near you or shop online.



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