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Step up in stability and away from wobbly chairs with durable step stools at Spotlight. Shop foldable step ladders online for a bit of extra height.

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Step With Confidence Using A Step Stool Or Ladder From Spotlight

Reach new heights safely by using any of the step stools or foldable ladders from the home decor range at Spotlight! Whether you're doing some handy work in your living room or need to reach something in the upper heights of your pantry, our collapsible step stools and ladders are the safe way to get what you need, quickly!

Why everyone needs a step stool in the home

You might think dragging over a dining table chair or balancing on the end of your couch is the easiest way to reach high spots in your home, but the safety risks just aren't worth it.

These pieces of furniture aren't designed to be stable when stood on, and dining chairs can even break when used incorrectly! So it's best to always choose a foldable step stool to use when you need to grab something beyond your reach.

Step stool and ladder FAQs

How high is a step stool?

At Spotlight, our stools come in small and large sizes. The small folding step stool is 22 cm high, while the large foldable step stool is 39 cm high.

How much weight can a folding step stool hold?

Our small and large foldable step stools can safely hold up to 100 kg in weight.

Where should I keep my step stool?

A folding step stool is best stored nearby where you will be using it, which is usually in the kitchen or living room. Collapse it flat and store it in the pantry, inside an ottoman or in thin spaces like underneath your TV cabinet or between your washing machine and sink cupboard.

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Find the right step stools and ladders at Spotlight

Ready to choose your folding step stool or ladder? Browse online, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also pop by your nearest Spotlight store to view the range of foldable ladders and step stools in person.

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